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a bit dissapointed with my monk

I just started playing the Monk; sold some of my Barbs and Wizards Gear to get (what i thought) a good starting gear.

I invested roughly 1.5 Bil and this is what i got: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Bragisdottir-2449/hero/27768565
5k+ Armor and about 550 AllRes (including OWE).

I did a full Act 1 MP 7 yesterday and i have to say i am a bit disappointed. Here are my problems:

DMG a bit low but only a small concern right now

MELT in Arcane Beams and these green Pools :(

damn EF fearing the !@#$ out of the mobs, making me chase them like stupid (just now bought a Buriza for my Scoundrel to at least slow them a bit)

can´t seem to find the real cookie cutter build

combination strike seems weird ... so, if i get another Spirit generater i´ll have to alter attacks every 2.5 seconds to get 8% more dmg? how would anybody in the world take that over the 15% flat dmg increase from breath of heaven?!?

Help me, i am in desperate need!
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with combo strike as long as you keep hitting with one spirit generator it works don't have to alternate deadly reach for the damage boost once it runs out hit once with it to refresh same with blazing fist hit once every time you spam overawe

but 59k life is overkill for monk and now you know why barbs are well op

but if you don't understand someone else could word it better
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oh and this is NA not eu :)
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yea some people dont dig the EF because of that fear thing..... try rolling some dex bracers and maybe a new ring for some more dps.
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If you add me in game I could try give you some pointers in both gearing and skill usage.
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Hey that is a great monk you have got there :)

Coming from a barb, initially I had the same issues. Felt a wee bit squishy. That is inevitable. Just have to think like a monk and keep moving around. Quick and nimble.

Looking at your profile, can I offer a few suggestions?

Use the bell. The life steal it procs is insanely good to get out of those sticky situations. Plus it gives you a bit of breathing space by pushing back the elites out of the poison pools and desecrator pools. So you get crazy damage done, good life back and helps you out by moving around the elites.

Secondly, I would advice you to take out NDE and go in for combination strike. I had the same concern as you regarding that. Then someone in the forums pointed out that you just need to activate the skill to get the bonus from the passive then you can spam your primary attack itself.

I use Deadly reach-foresight. So I get 18% from that and 16% from combination strike. That's 19% more over blazing wrath right there.

Plus your paper dps does not take into consideration the damage buff you get from mantra of conviction.

Drop a mantra and then drop the bell for crazy crazy damage. All the while your cyclones will be leaching life and slowly burning through the mobs, while the bell will give you high damage with crazy life back.

And the fear from EF is very very annoying in solo and in co-op :(

And instead of the buriza, equip the enchantress with an azurewrath and load her up with ias ammy and rings. crazy crazy freezing :D
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seriously WOW! Nice Feedback from you guys.
i was preparing myself for "noob", "barb reroll sucker" "etc." posts but this is just awesome!

@baggins: i will definitely try combo strike now that i know the mechanic and i am looking forward to replace some vit for average dmg, but i don´t want to drop below 50k life in all honesty. and yeah, barb feels op... actually the monk feels like my barb when i failed at maintaining wotb...so fix endless wotb and the barb will be in line with monk :)

@daliwoo: yeah i will craft my next essences into bracers. guess that could work. although i am pretty happy with the dex roll on those strongarms, the lack resistances all the way

@Heruzian: i would love to, but i am on EU, so no way to do that.

@demonknight: big thanks for that in detail post! so i go bell instead of the deadly palm right?
NDE switch to combo strike; yeah baggins said so too. i will give it a shot. this way i guess i will also be more satisfied with the dmg. That fear from EF man...hate it ^^.
i like the 3 crit over the 3 ias, so i think i will stick to scoundrel...
which rune on the bell btw? the one with 1200% weapon dmg?
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Yes. Bell instead of EP :) And usually I like the empowered wave because I can spam it more faster :) But try out other runes. Just have fun :)
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I have played a half decently geared barb and can say monks are at least more fun, to me. This game really is about finding the fun class.

For starters, I HATE echoing fury. absolutely refuse to put it on my character, and honestly they are not that good. Great paper dps, but that is about it. the effective dps from an EF is laughable. All of your dps comes from weapon damage, and EF has terrible base dmg. The "dps" is has is inflated by the atk speed modifier. look at the actual damage on a weapon, that is what will determine how hard your sweeping wind will hit, your bells, etc. Faster atk speed from EF will only really mean you can fly around faster with fists of thunder, thunderclap. But, if things are getting feared all over the place, doesn't just mean you are doing less damage anyway?

As for making your monk fun. get a piece of gear with some spirit regen. take a look at my helm, try and find something like that. You can also use an SoJ, once again, your "paper dps" goes down, but you do way more damage to elites and such, so try not to stare at the "this is your damage screen too much."

Once you get some spirit regen, make your spirit bells (several runes are good and fun, I prefer lowing the cost and throwing tons out). By tossing out several bells in a row, even with my terrible dps (150k ish) I can clear very large packs extremely fast in 5-7. Faster than my barb (grated, the barb can fly around the map without a care a in the world, but that is a separate issue).

good luck
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Just changed some Gems, a ring and the spec. Could you plz throw another look at it? My life seems kind of low now and allres is at 520 with 5200 armor now.
Sadly i am at work so i can´t test it our right now.
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@Heisenberg: Thx for your advice! i will play around with the different runes on the bell and see what fits my likings. As for the EF, i think the 0.21-0.25 Bonusattacks apply to both weapons and that´s why it so good....but u r absolutely right; when chasing one feared mob after the other, dps will suck ^^.

As for the SoJ, i am actually more afraid of losing the EHP than the DPS. SoJ brings nothing to the table EHP-wise. (well, except mor LL from Elites because of more DMG done to Elites...) ^^
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Nice to see you taking out serenity and going with blazing wrath :) I still cant bring myself to do it :)

Ran your profile through d3up and not bad at all :) Fully buffed you do 266k dps and in the 3 second extra damage window of MoC its at 303k!

Your ehp is 466k I think which could be a bit more. But then hey its your heroine :D

Do keep us posted on how it all felt...oh and what mp are you doing all this on? :)
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well that serenity thing...we will c if i stick to blazing wrath after a few runs...cause like i said, i can´t test it right now.
did a full a1 clear mp7 yesterday and that run felt dissapointing. will do one more tonight mp7-8 to try out the "new" build.
will keep you informed :D
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All I can say about the EF fear haters is: there are many ways to deal with it. DS is one such method.

@OP, try to keep your life around 55k as you were. MP10 will be very comfortable with that life and dual LS.

Since I mentioned about DS, and your profile shows you've started to try out bells, here's the build suggestion:
Active- FoT:Q, SW:C, DS:FSK, Serenity:A, WoL:any rune, MoC:Overawe
Passive- STI, OWE, any choice

That's for solo play. In group play, take out WoL and put in CS:Soothing Breeze. Use Guiding Light passive. That will give the party 68% buff, spam overawe as usual, cycle CS every 15 secs or time it with overawe every 2-3 secs. FoT:Q will give you the required spirit regen.

To practise DS, fight Act 1 or Act 3 KWs, as they zip around, you follow with DS. After that, practise on a single Mallet Lord in Act 4, this is to practise timing and positioning. Once you are familiar with these mechanics, you can avoid freeze, arcane, you can reposition quickly during elite battles, and you can handle the EF fear as and when they proc, or you can decise to target another mob near to you. If you fail to avoid the effects, there's always Serenity and dual LS to protect you.

Ignore all the fear-haters, they are simply not well trained in the ways of the Monk. Let them whine about Hell Witches, Occultists, Fallen Prophets, Morlu Incinerator, etc, etc etc packs. Even worse if those packs have fast or illusionist affix. So many mechanics in-game require some game-play skills, and they make one stat in a weapon sound like the end of the world. If they can't handle fear, they can't handle the game, stick to CotA and KD2/3.
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05/16/2013 06:10 AMPosted by PaulNg
If they can't handle fear, they can't handle the game, stick to CotA and KD2/3.

Not that the fear cant be handled, in fact theoretically it makes it easier since you are taking less damage. But the thing is, dashing around picking off fleeing mobs is a huge dps reduction compared to using something like a WKL where your paper dps will suffer compared to a EF, but the % damage will put your FoT damage and SW damage up higher than an EF had it, as well you can basically AOE all the mobs without having to run around and kill them one at a time.

Using and EF in my opinion is just a way to boost your sheet dps for a huge cost without actually helping your effective DPS.
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@PaulNG: Thanks for your contribution. Your builds looks interesting as well. If i am still not satisfied with my results this evening i will give your build a shot.
Maybe i am just encountering one of the many problems the Auction Houses brought to this game. I just played a Monk to 60, go to AH, buy some good items and think i am capable of rocking the !@#$ out of Sanctuario...maybe, like you suggested, i just need some practice first. :)
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maybe, like you suggested, i just need some practice first. :)

This should be they key! The monk can be just as strong as a Barb just takes a little getting used to the playstyle! Also, next time you are looking for upgrades, I think your DPS and HP is good, but you should look for a little more resist without losing DPS or HP. A little more resists go a long way :D Good luck on mastering the monk!
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@Paul: Strong words. Can we tone it down a bit? We are all trying to help a fellow monk. Don't think anybody advised him to chuck the EF :)

@OP: Yes I had the same issue. But going forward I don't see myself going back to the barb anytime soon [except for a challenge which is pending]. Keep playing. It's so much fun to rock mp10.
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@Dougler: i will give the EF at least a week before i decide wether i want to chase some mobs or if i should switch to a rare weapon. and hopefully, after a week, i will feel much safer handeling the monk to make a good decision. :)
@demonknight: i sure hope to do that one day myself :)
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Lots of people focusing on build advice so I'll recommend about gear (1) craft bracers--higher dex will help all around and I personally like knock back less than fear (2) try to find new gloves, probably easier to buy than craft, but you need more dex on them regardless--really it's your really low dex that's hurting you most (3) I'd upgrade the WKL to one with a socket the potential for an additional 31 CD is too big to ignore but if you move away from the cookie you should maybe consider a different weapon all together because WKL works best when thunderclap and cyclones are your only sources of damage (4) I'd look for a WH with either more vit or higher CD... Overall very nice, you're on the right track... Best of luck
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