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Retina MBP, high resolution, small cursor


The newest patch 1.08a has the odd problem on my MacBook Pro that I have a very small mouse cursor due to the highest resolution possible on my desktop (2880x1800) while in Window Mode Full Screen. Ingame the resolution is smaller, but since this patch the game adjusts the desktop resolution to it's max (also taking up FPS).

Can this be fixed in a patch? There seems to be no workaround for. I've tried everything. Minimizing changes the desktop again, but once entering the game the resolution changes again.

It happens when you use CMD+TAB.

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I am having the same problem with the cursor. Since patch 1.0.8, the cursor is a lot smaller and it's very hard to play as I can't properly see the what I am clicking.

I had the same problem with WOW since the latest patch 5.3 and the support gave me a command to run in the terminal "defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft DesktopModeIsDefault 1" and it fixed the problem.

I found a workaround for this to manually increase the size of the mouse under accessibility/display, but it is a bit bothersome to have to change the size and revert it back each time I log in and out of the game.

Any ideas or fixes for this?

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The same command that is used for World of Warcraft works in diablo 3:

Open the Terminal and enter the following line, followed by the Enter key:

defaults write com.blizzard.diablo3 DesktopModeIsDefault 1

Once entered Diablo III can use your current desktop resolution as if it were the native resolution. In order for this to work, you must first set your desktop resolution to whatever you want Diablo III to run at, and then launch Diablo III.

To revert your preference file, issue the following command in Terminal:

defaults delete com.blizzard.diablo3 DesktopModeIsDefault

You should make a backup of this file before attempting this, just in case. The file is located here:


To access the ~/Library folder, while in the Finder hold down the Option key and select the Go menu. You should see a "Library" entry - that is the ~/Library folder. This option is hidden until you hold down the Option key with that menu open.

This will allow you to use whatever resolution for Diablo III you choose like you used to without the added distortion/UI offsets caused by the non-standard resolutions that are now hard-coded into the game.

The above should also work around the cursor issue since you will be in control of the resolution.
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Thx, it worked like a charm.

And to think that on EU realms (where I am playing and where I opened the ticket) 2 different GM told me "there is no similar command in Diablo 3"

You made my day, thx again.
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