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D3 on 2012 Mac mini (HD Graphics 4000)

I have to switch over to a Mac mini as my desktop machine for a few months here, and I was wondering how well D3 performs on it -- I don't think there will be a problem with the CPU, since it is the quad i7 @2.6GHz model w/16GB RAM and an SSD. But the integrated graphics worry m.

Has anyone here played D3 on a 2012 mini? And if so, what has been the general experience?

Would installing Win7 in Boot Camp make a noticeable difference performance wise? I'd rather not do this, but if the drivers under Windows perform better than the OS X drivers, I would be willing to give it a try.
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I'm running D3 on a mid 2011 Mac Mini 2.5GHz i5. Have all the settings at the lowest with max fps set to 30. When my games first start and I go to an area other than town, I lag for a while. After a bit, it settles down and plays fine.

Since you are on an i7, I would really hope that you don't get the lag that I experience.

I've never installed Boot Camp before, so unsure if it'll make a big difference or not.
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The biggest detractor to your gameplay experience on a Mac Mini (or any other system that relies on an integrated graphics card) will be the graphics performance. The processor is plenty powerful and you have plenty of RAM, but your graphics card just won't be able to sling polygons like a discreet card can.

That being said, you should be at least able to play during your time away from your desktop... but the experience won't be the same.
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I am running it on a 2012 mac mini (2.3Ghz i7) with 8G and just the stock 1TB hd. It is playable although I have turned down the graphic settings. 20-30 fps generally.
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Has it happened to anyone else that even though you have a screen with a high resolution, the game only allows you to go up to 1280 on the Mac Mini?
Has anyone managed to use a higher resolution and, if so, then how?
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I just cranked mine up to 1920x1080 in fullscreen. It allowed me to select it and apply just fine. I suspect it's more to do with your monitor than the Mac Mini itself, possibly?

This thread was nearly a year old though, so might be better to make a new thread asking about it.
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