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Best 1.08 RF Builds for Solo/Group

Solo Rocket Build:


Group Bombardment Build (Especially with CM Wiz)


I see little reason to use anything else. If you find something better post it here!
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My new favorite build for MP0-5 solo farming:


Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning for 90% of the mobs. This skill melts trash packs up to MP5 very quickly with my DPS and I don't run into hatred issues with enough health globes and my companion.

Rapid Fire - Fire Support for destruction of single targets and elites. This skill is very powerful but for more regular use I would suggest the Withering Fire rune.

Companion - Bat Companion for hatred regeneration in this zero hatred generator build.

Shadow Power - Gloom is still the best defensive option for PVE in the game.

Preparation - Backup Plan for extra discipline. This build assumes non-legacy Natalya's and a lot of use from Vault so others may substitute this for another skill of their choice.

Vault - Tumble for massive mobility. I use vault every 2-3 seconds on average probably when moving around between packs.

Tactical Advantage is required for great mobility to increase efficiency overall.

Vengeance is required to maintain the hatred level necessary for this build. The extra discipline is great too, but you need at least 14 yards of pick-up radius for best results.

Nightstalker is optional but recommended to maintain high mobility with liberal use of Vault.
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I found rapid fire/fire support useful as "nuking" spell for sniping down elites at lower mp3. It works as a charm as substitute for cluster arrow, even with calamity. But thats it. Did some ubers on PTR and spike trap still was better.
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What about web shot along with cull the weak rune?

I only got to test (really have no time today):

1. fire support + spitfire turret + ballistics
Amazing in higher MPs. Great for group play. Won't be optimal in lower MPs since you will have to cast turret over and over

2. bombardment
Amazing AoE. Great for solo play
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@ Iria

I digg your Demon Hunter!
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Op i actually plan to use the same rocket build myself.

i see why you are using volatile...for big packs which rapid fire is not good against..Only difference is i will use SoT rather than bola cause i personally cannot stand the delay

I will also use vault instead of prep. Because bat is once off cast and if you just snapshot sp and this is your only disc spender u will rarely use disc fast enough to justify prep. Vault gives you a way out for when mobs vortex KB or otherwise break your LS. Will prob use acrobatics...just to conserve disc if i drop prep

Theres an argument for mark hatred regen rune instead of bat but i am like you and prefer the consistent regen

Otherwise this is prob the optimal rocket build. Effective DPS improves in longer fights due to turrets...i just wish those rockets do more damage.
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I dunno, so far the little I've been playing around, if you don't have amazing gear bombardment seems to be better then support fire.

Especially with just around 200k dmg. Fire support + spitfire turret + ballistics just doesn't seem to put out enough dmg for elite packs if you don't have like 50k life.
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The trajectory of bombardment annoy me too much at range they all miss...For facetanking it is good tho...better than EB
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Delay of Bola is negated by the instant hit of RF, so just tag a couple targets with Bola then spray with RF.

If you feel you can get by without Preparation then go with Marked for Death, Vault, Caltrops Bait the Trap, Shuriken Cloud, or even Smokescreen. Anything really.
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Yeah agreed. For a stand and attk build...a mobility skill in there i have found to be most useful
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This is the build I tried yesterday in MP1 Act 1.


I use multishot to 1 shot most of the white mobs and generate discipline to constantly vault. RF is for elite fighting and Bola Shot BP is for generating discipline and hatred if i run out of hatred.

I could change the pet to Bats for higher hatred generation but i used ferrets to help pick up whatever gold that is out of the way.
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Was using this build for my solo game play at MP8. It is efficient against trash mobs but Elites usually moved in too fast and I'm back to face tanking. Ran out of Disc too fast 'cos I didn't have Cluster Grenades to spam and restore the disc I so badly needed at that moment. Died quite a bit. :(

I probably slot in Cluster Grenades in place of MFD later when I'm back at my computer. 2 Hatred Generators build is odd but I see a purpose in using them. ES provide some CC assistance and allows Cull the Weak to work. Cluster Grenades can multiple hits and replenish disc pool when I'm force to tank. Gloom and Guardian Turret for further damage reduction.
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my build works for me fine solo or party :D
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^ that is actually a good all around build, but ill miss tumble a lot with that build :(
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Bombardment builds are looking more balanced because guys can usually get nightstalker for disc regen

Fire support builds usually go for ballistics archery steady aim...along with spitfire turret which removes a lot of flexibility....but awesome single target dps...esp with a slow heavy hitter
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Tried a whole bunch and spent tons on gear swaps to make them work - this one is the best consistently in group or solo.

I use RF (bombardment) for packed groups with echoing traps spammed in .

If I get hurt I pop gloom and toss a trap for full health instantly.

If I run out of hatred, I spam hungering to refill.

Elite packs or bosses, I rely on hungering with echoing spam to run them down and if they have more adds, RF takes care of that.

Versatile in any situation and as dependable as it gets - thats my bag baby. lol
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It makes me kinda sad that were only efficient at lower mp's. I hope they buff us soon!


<3 L4N
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@chainkjuice (>^^)>
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I do just fine mp10 both group and solo, but its faster in a group.
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07/18/2013 10:01 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
@chainkjuice (>^^)>



U made my day nyan!

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