I'm very interested in seeing the gap close between using bows, and crossbows specifically. Currently, I have a a pretty good windforce bow. It has roughly 1275 dps and 90% critical damage on it. However, due to the Demon Hunter passive that gives critical damage to crossbows, if I equip a Manticore with two sockets, with critical gems in both, the damage easily outweighs what my bow can put out. I'm okay with there being a trade-off between speed and heavy-hitting power. However, the Manticore I'm talking about has 200 or so less DPS than the Windforce that I own currently. There's definitely a problem when the best bow in the game does less DPS than its crossbow counterpart with 200 less DPS.

I have a few ideas for how this could be addressed. The simplest one I can think of would be to improve the weapon bonus passive for Demon Hunters. I believe it's called Archery. I'd like to see the weapon damage increase for bows be higher than 10%. This change could help bridge the gap a bit without having to alter items or nerf critical damage. I'm a firm believer that nerfing things that people like just so that the weaker strategies seem better is not a fun way to go about it. Instead, I'm hoping Blizzard could consider changing the weapon bonus to 20-30% range to make it seem equally worthwhile to use a bow. Also, I'm not a number cruncher/theorycrafter, so those are just blind number suggestions. I'd love to hear feedback from others and see what other Demon Hunters think about this issue. I prefer playing with my Windforce, but hate feeling like I'm shoe-horned into using a Manticore for better damage simply because of critical damage/sockets.

Also, I'm new to the forums, so I hope I'm not double-posting. I couldn't find what I was looking for elsewhere.