Diablo® III

Khazra heads

"We'll pay 25 gold pieces for each Khazra head you bring."

Ok, fine. Where can I collect the bounty?

Would be fun to collect some Khazra heads and actually collect the bounty. 25 goldpieces for inferno may be a bit low, but it is about the idea.

Maybe add more stuff to collect bounty on, not necessarily demons or beasts. Maybe throw in a few non-story human villains to catch. Maybe some bankers... :P
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I wondered about this as well. Why doesn't every Khazra I kill drop a pile of 25 gold pieces when I kill it? At the very least it should happen that way. Seems to me that when you find out about the bounty the hero would want to collect, especially the Scoundrel :).

Oh well, maybe Blizzard will see this and update or hotfix or something.

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when i had my first playthrough and came across this in normal last year sometime, i was blazing ecstatic. i thought holy cow! we have world immersion in this diablo 3! and if the 4 acts are as entertaining as the game as been (minus the story of course... compliments on the story? LOL) so far im going to have a blast.

little did i know the game was so full of potential and so empty with execution.
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Over the past year, the game did get fuller. You may not agree whether or not it was enough/the right thing etc. but that is irrelevant. Blizzard did make the game fuller.

Since Blizzard is patching the game with extra stuff/tweaks etc, I am hoping for some bounty hunting as well. At least collecting and offloading the Kharza heads. Each slain Kharza will "drop" its head (quite literally) with 100% "drop" chance on any difficulty, any mp level. With a nice pink (skin) or red (blood) text balloon color: "Khazra Head". Won't make you rich, but will be fun!

By the way, vendors are asking 1000's of gold pieces for their wares indicating life is expensive. So 25 gold pieces for a Khazra head is in that regard quite little. But hey, its a game, its about having fun!

I think real content changes can/will only be done through an expansion. And yes, I'd be willing to pay for that.

Please, if you wish to bash this game, please do so in your own thread. I'd like this thread to be constructive.

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