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Hey guys,

Sorry if this topic has been addressed multiple times, which I am sure that it has been. I am just having a rather difficult time gearing my Monk properly. From what I understand, the Monk is not easy to gear while sustaining a good ratio. If I try gaining in one area, I lose a massive chuck in another. Quite frustrating, but I do not plan to give up on it.

Currently, I have a little over 25K HP, which is plain terrible. My resistance is 492 across the board, which I was told that I ideally want at least 600. I am using the passive skill "One With Everything." I equipped a pair of gloves that add +42 lighting resistance, yet noticed no change. I am not sure as to why. I have no life steal, or life per kill. Life per second, is 413.

My paper DPS is a little over 138K. Critical hit chance of 45.50%, along with critical hit damage of +332%, respectively. Armor equals out to be 3934. Attacks per second, fluctuates between 2.00-2.34. My dodge chance is 47.6%.

Please take a look at my profile. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. What should I keep, and what should I consider replacing? I have been playing for a little over two months now. I have learned a lot, but will admit to being a n00b. A few of my other characters I have not touched in a while. I have five level 60s, now I just need to start the process of fine-tuning them all to my liking.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.

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Gimme some time while I look at your profile.
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Thank you.

I noticed it did not refresh the changes that I made earlier. I exited the game, and now it displays my gear properly. If it shows an Echoing Fury, that is how my Monk currently stands.
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Firstly, I would like to highlight to you that your highest res is poison, not lighting, therefore, you ain't seeing any changes made.

And what is your current budget?
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Ah, thank you for pointing that out.

I currently only have 2M gold. I do have a lot of items to sell. Probably pull 80M from selling. Not very much, I know. If you have any suggestions on what I should look for, when I am able to afford, that would be a great help.
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I got my build for ~40m. I got some lucky crafts but still my monk isn't a very expensive set up (won a giveaway for rad amy thanks again xoran).

Honestly you went way to hard for a socket. Well straight up you went straight dps, ignored sustain, health, unique element res (for owe). You got good all res but still your unique res in this case poison is all around.

Get some more res on that inna's pants instead of half roll dex/str. Trade life regen on inna's rad for either more health or res I recommend more health, vit or life % unless you are willing to change that helms gem. Get better bracers I would think some crit dex vit poison and all res will do a lot for you (actually aren't that expensive for that order).

I realize you may want to keep those trifecta gloves but I would honestly recommend getting either res/vit and trifecta or just get a difecta with res and vit, you could also aim for higher dex on that to make up for loss.

Your nats ring could get some res/vit on there while you either keep a double roll on dex or try for some damage (cheap) or go expensive and get cc/cd and what not.

Anyway thats just from a pretty quick scan didn't do any counting on much. Wish you luck :)
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It really depends how you want to play. Do ubers? Fast farming in low mp? Do highest mp possible? Paragon levelling? Depending on what you want to do, you should gear accordingly. I have 4 different setups - low mp, high mp, ubers, xp /paragon levelling. Generally speaking for you, you need to attend to these key areas:
1) get a lifesteal weapon - 2.7% minimum - pref with inbuilt crit damage. Socket is mandatory. You can skimp on the dex
2) use cyclone rune for your sweeping wind - by far the best rune when your crit chance is over 30%
all the little cyclones will do damage and crit and lifesteal for you
3) build you hp up to 40k
4) drop off OWE because you are not gaining much benefit from this passive at all - most of your gears have all resist; swap with with Seize the Initiaive
5) use the empowered wave rune for you Wave of light - u can spam more bells this way - works well with the Exalted Soul passive
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All your stats, barring vit, are at "good" levels

bit more vit (want to be at least 850-900) and bit more crit damage would be preferrable

in terms of improving surviveability, I think you would be better to ditch one with everything (OWE) and take seize the intiative instead (STI). another easy change would be to replace your helm ruby with an amethyst for quick HP gain.

STI will give you 50% of DEX as Armour, and will offset far more damage than a measely 40 or 50 extra all resist from OWE.

as far as passives go, I would change exalted soul to resolve or even guardians path to offset more damage but you use a spirit spending build so take that with a grain of salt.
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EF's fear is on the high side, might wanna get a lower fear proc, say 10%-12% with DEX, 0.24+ APS. Personally, I can only afford to buy one without CHD or LS, so I stack VIT here as a fallback, while maintaing my HP at 40K without the weapon's added VIT.

Offhand, a sword or fist weapon with CHD, LS, OS and if possible DEX, we are talking about minimum 1K DPS over here. This is important as you need at least 2.7%-3% LS to farm in higher MPs.

Your Inna helm is OK, but the DEX is too low, get one with 180+ DEX, 80+ VIT, 65+ physical res and 6% CC, the last property, you can either stack AR, spirit regen or armor.

If you are not gonna go for a mempo set up in the future, this slot can either be upgraded via crafting, higher DEX BT with 200+ VIT and AR, or other chest like Tal Rasha but I would be looking at stacking lotsa VIT/AR if possible. Ultimately I went for Inna chest(maintaining the 130 DEX bonus) as I already plan my final upgrade to be a mempo at that time, just FYI.

Inna pants with 90+ DEX, 120+ VIT, 9% IAS.

Craft or get one with 150 DEX, 60+ VIT with the CC, CHD and IAS if possible.

Notice I didn't recommend getting poison res so far for the upgrades earlier on as this slot can be easily upgraded via crafting, and we will hope to see 200+DEX, 70+ VIT, physical res/AR and 6% CC.

Witching Hour is my choice for DW monks, try to get some vit and physical res/AR here and aim for 9% IAS and 45%+ CHD and of course DEX.

Nat with AVG DMG, DEX, physical res, 9% IAS and VIT but optional.

Rare rings will definitely be better than your hellfire, find one with AVG DMG, DEX, 4.5% CC, 35% CHD and some vit/res(optional). Usually a unity or litany is good here, but rare rings has more options and combinations.

Shoulders are well crafted.

You can find one with VIT in the future when you have more gold.

Without the suggestion of stacking VIT EF, you should have around 800-900 VIT, inserting a amethyst radiant gem to the helm and you' re probably seeing 40K HP at least, with above 500-550AR with OWE and 5K armor with STI.

Hope this helps.

Edit: I'm suggesting based on your 80mil budget, and trying to push your DPS to the same as mine while maintaining EHP, if you're looking at dropping OWE permanently, chances are your DPS will be stuck for quite awhile unless you can DW credit card for the win.

Good luck with gearing.
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Thanks for the replies, guys! A lot of helpful information in here. I greatly appreciate it. I am going to thoroughly analyze this information, and hopefully build a nice Monk.

I would like to be able to survive in higher MP games. As the benefits are there, and would be nice to play with my friends, and not die all the time. I would be satisfied with MP8 for a while.

I did not consider dropping my Hellfire Ring. I should, as I probably won't be paragon farming my Monk for a while. Currently working on my Demon Hunter's paragon.
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got my build for around 20 mil, some crafting, some AH. you can do it man, just grind it out and dont waste any money on anything crap stats, listen to real dx lol
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Dude you look like your on the right track. All of RealDX's advice is sound. I have a couple of items that you could use/try out before you spend any gold if ya like (entry level witching hour/rare ring)

Just add me, always happy to help fellow monks as this community has helped me heaps!


I'll be on in a couple of hours :)
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I have made a couple of changes, with gear I had sitting in my inventory.

ClebTkon, I will add you right now. I will be on for a good while, so I will see you then! =]
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Good to see you've taken on some of our suggestions, but I did notice that you have dropped off the sweeping wind skill! Sweeping wind (with cyclone rune) is a mandatory skill for monks. It does so much more dps for you (not shown on paper dps) and helps with the lifesteal. You need to put it back on. I would personally drop off Earth Ally if I were you. Otherwise, you seem to be on the right track =)
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I will be sure to switch back to Sweeping Wind. Should I use an ally? Or swap it for another skill? If using an ally is wise, which rune would be the best choice? My HP still needs some work. Mostly why I have been using the Earth Ally.

ClebTkon was kind enough to gift me a few items. One of them being an axe with 3.00% LS. Man, does LS make a huge difference. I will eventually find better weapons, but my current work for now. ClebTkon and I, did a quick Keep Depths run, on MP5. I managed to not die once. Came close a couple of times, but pulled through. Paper DPS is not everything. I once aimed as high as the stars for damage. While ignoring some other very vital attributes. HP and DPS, were all I thought about. The Monk really does have a lot of DPS boosting skills. If properly done, paper DPS is not as important for the Monk. I believe so, anyhow.

Thanks for the tips!
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