Diablo® III

A bug involving flawless square topaz

I just ran into a very weird bug. I was sending some unsold auctions back to my stash to try and sell them again and I noticed that some of the items in my third stash tab were replaced with flawless square topaz's. Here's the thing: I don't remember the last time I purchased a single flawless square topaz and there were 1300 of them in place of some Zuni's boots, a Tal Rasha mask and some keys as well as some empty spaces.

Here are some screen shots:


I should also note that I created a game, checked my stash, and everything returned to normal.
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I had a similar thing happen to me on May 11th - logged in to find 6 full stacks of 1000 Tomes of Secrets in my 2nd tab. Couldn't sell them when I tried - gave an error. When I actually entered a game, they were gone and everything was fine since. Obviously some kind of auction house glitch has occurred on their end but luckily didn't negatively (nor positively) affect me.
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May 17 10AM EST.. Had same bug... I got a screen of some extra Rubys... in weird places.. a total of like 400 extra rubys in various tabs. http://imageshack.us/a/img547/6292/screenshot047o.jpg

Edit: This also happened when i canceled some auctions, and when an auction ended due to time.. hope this doesnt come back on me for some reason... Didnt try to sell anything... joined game... exited game... my stash is back to normal.. doesnt seem to have effected my items ... hopefully just a "Display" glitch or something
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