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Whelp, Cloud of Bats is officially INSANE!

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K so before this patch I was running a different kinda build than I had now, was a sorta acid cloud burst damage build and used gruesome feast. Also had a couple different items and I was struggling only playing MP3-4 and killing not fast at all but I just loved playing anyway.

Come this patch I read cloud of bats was changed so I decided to check it out as I have in my WD career played around with hundreds of different builds and every rune. With this cloud of bats build I run I can now do MP7 with ease and was doing MP8 this morning with not much trouble but I do need a bit more dps as the elites weren't dying fast enough.

When I explode my dogs and cast soul harvest I normally have around 200k-230k dps even though unbuff it's at 135k.

But anyway I just wanted to say TRY CLOUD OF BATS! It's !@#$ing awesome! Also any tips for my gear I would appreciate! I know it's not top of the line godlike.
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a few tips, id drop the hellfire for a better ring being you can do mp7+ now, your exp bonus is high enough so u can add more dps with a better ring, also upgrade your tal's ammy, its not to much.. and id get tal's chest aswell with maybe 30+ all res on it thats all i got for now hope it helps
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This sounds interesting. I may dust off my old WD in the future.
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05/18/2013 01:55 PMPosted by Plisk1n
Also any tips for my gear I would appreciate!

05/18/2013 02:18 PMPosted by ChelsiAnKyle
and id get tal's chest aswell with maybe 30+ all res on it

I wouldn't recommend Tal's chest. I'd stick with the Zuni 4 piece. If you are going the Skorn path long-term, get your CHC up to near 50%, it will pair nicely with Skorn's CHD. If you need Vit gems in the Inna's pants, it means you're struggling with eHP, change that for a rare pants or BT pants.
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IMO the mit and sustain you need to stand there and channel make it a fair build. Lowers ur dps unless you got tens of billions for BiS gear. I like the build - like CM i can from without OP freeze.
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