Diablo® III

Bosses ever drop legendaries for you?

I have never had a boss or even an elite drop a legendary.

All of mine have been completely random. You would think some of these so called "bosses" or "elites" would be cool enough to carry around a legendary item, but nooooo it's the skeleton hiding in the barrel.
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Azmodan dropped Inna's Radiance for me. I couldn't believe it when it happened. I never believed that bosses would drop legendaries.
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Never had a boss drop a legendary UNLESS you count key wardens. I've gotten a key and a legendary at the same time from a warden.
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I had the Butcher drop one for me. Can't remember what it was, it was on my first play through, but yeah.
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I had two champ/rare pack drop a legendary the other night. Got one off the keywarden in Fields of Misery too. Never had one drop off a boss, but I haven't killed them in forever.
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I was wondering the same thing about treasure goblins. Never got a drop from a boss though i got one from a barrel and couldnt believe it.
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Not yet. only found 2 legendary items so far. both from champion mobs.
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i know goblins do i've had echoing fury drop 3 times from them. i also know that some event quests will drop them too.
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Found a Messerschmidt's Reaver from the Butcher... 700 dps. Awesome.
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I found a String of Ears from Belial around the time the game was first release. That's it though, nothing since. =/
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Got 2 in one day from Ghom.

Nats ring and Ice Climbers. Both were crap though.
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Sometime during the first week of release I was doing the last quest in Act 2 to fight Belial and the boss just before him dropped Boj Anglers. They weren't exactly great, but they were also low level lol.
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kill enough mobs and you do get it.

I've got legends dropping from plain chests, res chests, goblins, keywardens, uber bosses, normal bosses. ponies, flowers etc
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Azmodan dropped legendary plans for me in Nightmare :D

It wasn't until after I learned it that I learned their value.... >.>
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Got a triple drop off azmodan once.
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