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Awesome Stream for new players and pros alike

Hi, my name is Mike; I run a Diablo III oriented stream on Twitch under the name YoInPuLsE. I do lots of giveaways/uber runs/ Gear checks/ and ah Sniping. I have a strong viewers base with great mods who usually will do FREE power leveling. If this is something that would interest you please stop on by, You can copy paste the URL from below :D thank you and have a nice Adventure in D3

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Awesome stream! Worth checking out.
>So many give-away's
>Legit streamer
>good music all round
>Interacts with audience
To top it all of he has a very succulent deep, addictive and attractive voice

Edit* Attractive
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Super free power leveling

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Super fast and free power leveling.

Cain's set is a must with a high end ruby. Leoric's signet and HF recommended for faster leveling.

Usually online from 9:30pm PST to 4am PST Sat-Wed.

Power leveling for free provided you have the necessary gear.

It would be faster if you don't stop to collect loots, equip/change skills. Please be quick in following me as it increases survivability. It's best to equip defensive skills during the start of each run. It would also be best if you equip yourself with some armor for increased survivability.

Please make sure that you have atleast cain's set with a high end ruby and a Hellfire Ring and/or Leoric's Signet. I cannot lend these items out anymore as they got swiped by PuckaTucka during powerleveling. !$@£!$!

Power leveling will be for a fee till I make up for the stolen items.

Edit: Made up for the stolen items. =)

Note, however, due to a lot of requests, and busy schedule, I might not be able to power level everyone.

- kozxmartt#2379

P.S: Sometimes my internet creates problems by being a slow pig, so I might not be able to level at times :(

P.P.S: If you guys need any help other than power leveling (e.g getting help with hellfire plans from act 4, etc), contact me and I'll see what I can do to help out =)

P.P.P.S: If you have sent a friend request and I have not accepted it yet, then send the request again.
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Sick stream, Great guy, Entertaining giveaways and well enthused with its peeps. Great times watching this stream and watching him Deck other characters out.
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Yeah... Get in this Sh^%... Great guy, awesome music (Most of the time), good giveaways and Informative
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He gave me 23 bil gold! Not really but good stream
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He molests me but I'll still vouch for him, watch the stream. ♥
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Pump* hehe lol.. Nah dudes make sure to check out the stream. Filled with helpfull mods, and the streamer likes to hook newbies up. So make sure to check it out, and hit the follow buttom while you're there
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Nice and friendly guy who likes to interact with the viewers. Does giveaways from time to time, uber runs, gear checks, etc.
If you're still not convinced, once you hear his laugh you'll quickly press the follow button.
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Great stream, lots of fun. Random giveaways, some ubers. bump for great justice.
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bump^ Inpulse is legit, he hooks people up with uber carries, powerleveling, gearchecks and some gear upgrades! ~ come check him out
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Big ol' bump. Get ya some giveaway!
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Just got a Crit Mempo!!! Woo-hoo, best stream ever
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bump^ come play with us and join us in chat
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Bumpy bump bump ! Join the stream and check it out !
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new players should check this stream out, he helps u out alot :)
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Come hang out and win alot of free stuff! Fun, good music, and lots of things to do!
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Webcam activated, lots of good legendaries. Head over to the stream now!
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nice stream very interactive with viewers and great giveaways go check him out
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Seriously helpful (help with classes)
Knows a lot about most classes
Heaps of good music!
Jokes are always funny :3
Loves company
"I always get sad when I'm streaming at like 2am because the only 3 viewers are my 3 opened tabs" - Yoinpulse

Come say "hi!" and maybe win the 1.2b witching hour :)!
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