Happy Birthday Diablo 3!

So as suggested by one of our long time viewers, and listening to Travis Day earlier on Archon's stream talking about how he wants to give players more things to do when they start up the game so that we have a choice on what to do with our time. I think its a good time to really discuss ideas for what we'd like to do with our characters in game.

I also made a couple posts in the past and discussed a few ideas that on stream over the past few months, so I figure that this would be a good time to put some of these ideas on the table, and really hash things out.

I think the main issue is, that sometimes we feel like we need to add in something that every player can enjoy, and while that is the most ideal solution, why can't we have a bunch of little things that cater to specific groups, and give what those people really want?

Here's some of my thoughts;

Ladders? Well, given that the SC & RMAH relation, having mass server resets probably won't be a practical for the game. But, how about we have leaderboards instead? But would it really be endless? how big would each level be? What sort of mobs or elite density would there be?
My idea revolved around using brimstones & DE (or something like that) to imbune infernal machines so that they open portals to these dungeons in various spots in the game, and once you use it up, you'd have to farm for more devices, etc.

So, what needs to happen first, is even after hitting p100, your XP collection is still tracked. Now you can have a class-specific leaderboard on XP efficiency, or total XP collected, and have that reset, or even get divided by the # of times you die (to make staying alive in SC somewhat a goal.)
Another thing that can be added is each map in the game, has some sort of score tracker. So we'd be able to have leaderboards based on clear time, or even track (and make visible) everyone's massacre records, and have that shown. This gives the players who want some sort of mini-competition something to strive for, while they are still playing the game. Maybe then, you'll see people gear and spec a build specifically to set a record in a specific map.

What would the reward(s) be? Well, it can be as simple as just the leaderboard providing "e-peen". But how about each player gets some sort of "trophy room" screen, where they have these achievements/accomplishments listed/shown? Even provide banner sigels, icons, or custom dyes. Meaning, we get rewarded with things that do not get in the way of the current & future balance of itemization.

And from the leaderboard, it would record the item setup & skill setup used to reach that point, and so people can check it out and maybe get ideas on where they want to gear to, or maybe try to find a better build to beat the current leader.

Endless dungeon? - Definitely, again, we can have a leaderboard for people to compete with each other on, to see which party composition works best, and you'd be able to compare solo vs group play etc.

A while back, like 6-9 months ago, I made a post suggesting a challenge mode, where every month or week, Blizzard would release a set of challenges in a separate mode, where you'd have to do kill a boss, or clear a certain area with a specific set of items & build. This would allow casual players to try out other classes & builds, and to enjoy the rest of the game, in a short & structured setting. It would also allow veteran players to have a change in pace from regular farming. We could even have a place where players can submit their ideas for a challenge, and have it "approved" by blizzard and implemented for release.

These are just a couple of ideas I've had in my head for a while, and I would like to hear yours!

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TL:DR - Got an idea for end game content? Submit it and we can discuss it tonight!