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How come no PK only PvP? =(

I played D3 for the first two months after release and quit. last week I was talked into starting back up again. Now that they added PvP I decided to check it out, and was upset that they left out PKing. As a D2 Hardcore PKer, I'm a little disappointed that I can no longer go hunting in D3. I really enjoyed trolling public games and clicking hostile and hunting people down. If they didn't go to town or exit the game, it was open season. And before you flame me as a *#%@@##** pker. I was also a dueler. If someone wanted a legit duel I would, but it was fun to hunt people down at level 18, 50, 80, or whatever level. It was a game of cat and mouse.

I feel Player Killing was an important part of D2 that has been left out of D3. =(

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I am also disappointed that there is no PKing.

Whether it is because someone made you angry in a pub game, or you are just joking around with your friends; the hostile button added dire consequences to inappropriate actions and enabled the players with some level of self-governance.

However, people abused the system and this choice is no longer available since people quitted the series all together because of #%@@## pkers. On the contrary, I saw it as part of the game and I think players should be given a choice. Similar to WoW where you can opt into a PvP realm and randomly kill players from the other faction if you encountered them while questing.

Just simply make a hostile enabled option available during a public game search, similar to the brawling tag.
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I'm surprised no kids have ask for blizzard to make PVP like death in D1. Kill the player, take their dropped gear and sell it on AH/RMAH, Troll and Rage posts on forums inbound. Lol
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Because in D2 jay wilson was the crappy mf tals sorc who would carry around huge stacks of gold and get it all stolen when he got pk'd during his chaos sanctuary runs. That left him bitter and to get revenge he removed pking.
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