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New best place for farming?

So with the new patch, where is the best place to farm? Still in Act 3?

Also the Alt key function (display items on ground) does not seem to function properly. Appears the dev did not do a very good job of play testing with this patch, even when discounting the gold dupe debacle. lol
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You will see soon 1.0.8 farming guides from "theorycrafting" players. From what I have gathered reading forums and watching youtube, basic principles the same: smaller map / higher density / slower monsters / less tricky affixes on elites = less chance to die and higher efficiency.
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Act 1 will probably become the new place to farm, especially for XP. Easier monsters, lots of them and manageable maps. Was getting nice kill streaks on Fields of Misery and Weeping Hollow which usually provide nice XP bonuses.

A smaller map isn't always necessary. In fact small maps can be terrible because you wate time switching maps for only a short run. Big maps can be great so long as you can chain mobs easily. So map size is irrelevant so long as it is easy to navigate (i.e. easy to chain mobs and hard to get lost in a dark corner), has minimal tricky packs and good mob density. That's why I think this patch is exciting - new farming routes will be identified in unlikely places.

As for act 2, I've only tried Dalghur Oasis for a quick key run. It's not hard to get 5 stacks in Dalghur Oasis between the elite packs and events. The new mob density now makes it easy for a permawrath barb like me to do the whole map in one quick run.
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daghler oasis act 2 fields of misery act 1
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I used to farm in the Dalghur Oasis, Desert Winds or whatever it was called and pretty much all of Zoltun Kulle's crypts and temples and !@#$
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vota for stack then oasis :D
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I do the desert and kulles crypts. Great exp. =)
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I am excited because act 3 was the place to farm for so long that it became easy to know which quests to do, hopefully 1.08 will create a well rounded act 1-2
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