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Improve my amateur disintegrate build

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Hi all ... now that Disintegrate is viable I've dusted off the ol' Wizzy and am enjoying blowing things up. It's a blast. I wanna know if it's gonna last...

Here's the build I've come up with after trying several iterations - I'm currently facerolling mp3: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/freakinjstu-1760/hero/5456971

Will this be viable in higher MPs assuming I upgrade my gear? I prefer to facetank then teleport if I get hit badly. I'd like to get Blizzard on the bar but can't figure out how to afford it or survive without the defensive skills...

ps: a few notes:
- my gear is leftover/unused drops from my barb .. so currently there is no rhyme or reason... I'm willing to spend some gold if I keep liking this class/build
- please don't suggest I take teleport off my bar ... as a longtime D1 player I'm incapable of playing the class without teleport :p

Thanks in advance!
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My suggestion is only viable when you can get back 30%+ of your life in seconds(after the skill change).

#Drop Frost nova + Cold blooded, use Living lightning + Arcane Dynamo instead:
*If you cant melt monsters in quickly enough, Shatter rune wont help you
*Disintegrate is not as effectively as WW procing CM, so you may have problems to keep FN up all the time
*Dmg boost from Arcane Dynamo is much more superior than Cold Blooded, helps a lot against single target

#Change the skill rune of Magic Weapon to Blood Magic:
*Once you have Arcane Dynamo, the 5% dmg lost is nearly nothing
*Combined with your LS weapon, it helps improve your survivability

#Change the skill rune of Teleport to Calamity and use illusionst instead of Astral Presence:
*This change may demand some -AP cost gears
*Frature dosent help much in really tough fights, monsters just keep attacking you and your copies die in seconds
*If your dmg(not DPS) is high enough, one cast of Calamity you get back 50%+ life
*Knockback of Calamity helps you get out of denger, reposition your opponents
*Adjust your life and your armor spell rune so you can use Calamity when you need it

#Use 2hand LS weapon(If you want):
*LS is much more effective
*You need much more expensive gears
*Blood Magic rune is no longer a must
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I posted a mp 10 viable disintegrate build, that does not require casting cost reduction gear and still gains AP from disintegrate:

There are videos of the build being used at the link and check out my profile if you want to see what gear you could use.

I highly recommend a 6% life steal skorn with a rare APoC helm. I discourage the use of SoJs because they reduce your ehp, which you need for high mps.
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