Diablo® III

You will all buy the expansion . . .

and you know it.
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You think there will be an expansion?

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I'm game. I'd buy it tomorrow if it came out. The ducks are all getting in a row, I see the big picture now.

I've had issues with this game for some time, but I'm really starting to take a shine to it now.
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Yep nope.
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If the expansion will be like anything LoD + patch 1.10 was to D2, then MAYBE I'll forgive them.
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You think people are really going to purchase an expansion to a game with this many issues?!

Maybe the stupid people entertained by simple mechanics and terrible storytelling who like getting screwed by Blizzard at every stage.
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I love this game and will buy an expansion.
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I might buy it to burn it.
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I will buy it to lick the box.
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Expansion will boost vanilla D3 sales and sell 10 million+ to boot.

All they need to do is add a ladder and decent PVP.
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05/12/2013 03:15 PMPosted by Daaammmnn
I'll probably wait a week after it comes out.

MAYBE, if I see it in the bargain bin for $5. Otherwise, NO WAY!
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MAYBE, if I see it in the bargain bin for $5. Otherwise, NO WAY!

Actually I'd pay $10.
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I will if there is one.
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No I won't.

I'm one of the biggest Warcraft/Starcraft fanboys of all time. Played them thousands of hours. I think Starcraft II is actually a good sequel.

But the fallout and problems with THIS game have made it so I haven't even bought HotS yet. Something unthinkable for me in the past. I have purchased every Blizzard RTS since Warcraft II on it's RELEASE DAY. Including expansions. Starcraft, all of Warcraft III, etc.

Until now!

I still haven't bought HotS yet. Because I'm protesting Blizzard's failures.

If I haven't broken and bought the expansion I actually want, what makes you think I'll buy some crap expansion for this wholly crappy, broken game? I won't.

Your loss cause HotS was a great expansion and Blizzard really isn't going to notice the small minority attempting to boycott them.
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Anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely for me unless they add ladder and/or offline.
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If it comes out in the next year or 2, probably yeah.

If it takes 5-10 years..... yeah... probably then too
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05/12/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Dspayre
Anything is possible, but this is highly unlikely for me unless they add ladder and/or offline.

May interest you
About the pre-launch ladder
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