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70mil is it possable for me upgrade from ah?

Just wondering. If not, ugh more farming to do ;(
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I'm not going to sugarcoat it, you've got some nice pieces, but your monk is a bit of a mess. Your life is at least 10k too low for high MP play. The good news is that it can be fixed within your budget. At least I think so, with the new economy still a bit fuzzy.

Worst pieces: Helm and Bracers.

Helm: Change Andy to Tal Helm (similar to mine)
Pros: Loads of extra life (+8k to +9k), no plus to fire damage, can swap gem for XP farming
Cons: About 3% less DPS (about -5.5k)
Other: More cc = more cyclones = more eDPS, looks great, defense/mitigation is about a wash

Bracers: Start Crafting, you can do way better
Pros: This will vary of course, but expect +6k to +8k DPS (or keep trying)
Cons: Probably less life, but you could get lucky here (0k to -2k)
Other: Try to shoot for roughly break even defense, You WILL craft an upgrade within 50 tries, but likely a lot less

If we look at the average gains/losses above we get +1.5k dps and +7.5k life. You could stop right there with probably 50m to 55m left over. Personally, I would use it to get back to crafting more gloves and amulets. You can still do much better.

Last thought...you need more LS on your weapons or you will have a really hard time getting beyond MP8.
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Ah thanks for the adivce. I would of never thought if using Tal rasha's. I will check the ah for one. Will try to craft bracers too.
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you dont need more ls. one source of ls is fine as long as your mitagation is high enough.

your using OWE, but the most sources of a type resist is poison, and you only have 2 of them. you should choose a type resist and implement it on more peices of gear if you want to use OWE.

your andy's isn't bad. in terms of dps you can't do better for 70mil.

my final suggestion is to choose a type resistance for OWE and dedicate to it. then start crafting all dex recipes. its your shoulders, neck, gloves and wrists that need the most attention.
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05/13/2013 10:57 AMPosted by AZsnowstorm
Change Andy to Tal Helm (similar to mine)

Using Inna's helm?

Bit lost here but if you are a poison monk just get a better Andy helm. Get 1 with a socket and low fire%. Cost around 15 mill. Agree with the bracers, you need poison or all res or better still dual resist with 5.5 min cc, also need a vit roll.

The ammy is ok but you can craft way better.

The "experts" agree that the cutoff point for using 1 LS weapon is around 200k dps and you are short of that but you have a little bit extra life mitigation so that should be ok. However if you were to get a 2.8/3.0 LS weapon you will be better off.

Go and get that helm and grind and craft like crazy, good luck.
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