Diablo® III

Idea for "Champion of Tristram" buff

The name could be changed, but the idea for the buff is a new stacking buff once you reached 5 valor stacks. This new buff would start from 1 for each elite or champion pack. The point of the this buff is as follows:

Increases chance for legendary item to drop (% increased correlates with monster power)
Unlimited stacks
10-20 stacks guarantees a legendary from the end boss of the act (based on MP, thinking it could be similar to key drops from key wardens, at 10 stacks it would be 5% on MP0 and 100% on MP 10, at 15 it could be 25% MP 0, 50% MP 1, 60% MP2,.... 100% MP 5 and so on for each buff. the point of this would be to continue to encourage higher monster power levels rather than quick low MP runs to stack to 10 and kill the boss.)

But it resets when you:

Change your skills
Start a new game
Find a legendary

The point of this buff would be to:
Encourage to continue to kill elites or champion packs passed 5 valor
Encourage players to play at a monster power level that they can clear with less deaths
It could help make end of act bosses more appealing
Encourage players to do longer runs or entire act clears rather than quick runs that finish the largest density areas of an act.

I don't normally read the suggestion forums so if this idea or something similar has already been said I apologize. Feel free to add suggestions or opinions on this idea.
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