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Hello All, I've been spectator for this forum for a while and I wanted to get advice from the Pros regarding my build and gears. Please take a look at my monk and let me know how I can improve skill/gear wise. At the moment, I can solo well at MP8 in act 1 and 2 without dying but I can't really run act 3. I would like to do atleast MP10 in act 1. Thank you!
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You are lacking a lot of EHP. need to up your all resist and hp. And getting another LS weapon for a total of min 5% would be very helpful in sustaining in mp10. A lot of your pieces don't have resist. I think u can find a fairly cheap wh with psn resist and would probably net you more dps than inna favor.
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So should I get rid of my EF and get another LS weapon? What is the minimum resist I should try to achieve?
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500 minimum, 600 would be very nice.

I wouldn't upgrade everything all at once. If you are going to focus on upping your all resist, then try that first and see if you can do ok with just 3% LS. If not then you might have to get a 2nd LS weapon.
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Shoot for 500 resist and close to 50k hp for MP10

a second life steal weap would be a huge bonus to your ability to survive longer. If possible hunt down a LS, CD, OS weap to replace your EF.

You are already at the cap for movement speed so there is no reason to have extra movement speed on your bracers. Keep crafting some until you get a good pair with: high vit, Poison resist, All resist, 6 crit and possibly a nice damage reduction from melee. Shouldn't be too hard to craft a pair that are superior in DPS and in eHP.

After that work on crafting a set of shoulders that are an upgrade and hunt down a decent witching hour belt (the 4 piece bonus isn't all that great) and from there I'd start working on getting a good WKL to replace your OH.

In the mean time, to help out your survival a bit you may want to go with Mantra of conviction w/ backlash. The increase in monster density makes that skill put out a lot of damage and increases your chances of staying alive when being swarmed.
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I ran your character through d3up. : http://d3up.com/b/630569

Here you can see your DPS and your EHP (effective health pool) Basically it creates a ratio based on your HP and resists/armor to calculate the amount of raw damage you can take.

For MP10 many people suggest trying to get over 500k EHP with a ratio of at least 1:10-11, this higher for both the better. Your mitigation ratio is 1:9.33 and your health is 35k. So your EHP is calculated by multiplying 35k by 9.33. Basically what this means is that each one of your hitpoints is capable of absorbing 9.33 raw damage. Increasing both this ratio and your HP will increase your EHP by a lot.

You should aim to get +10k hp or more and raise your resistances by around 150, even if it means sacrificing a little bit of damage. That would put you right around 500k EHP with a mitigation ratio of around 1:11 meaning you will have better base HP for surviving burst as well as more efficient hit points worth more raw health per point making all of your healing and lifesteal more effective.

For getting to MP10, the EHP and sustain is much more important than increasing DPS, especially for you since your DPS is already good (I can do MP10 decently with less). That's where the second LS weapon comes in as well. It will help with keeping you healed up while you're attacking especially if you get caught in molten/desecration/poison pools.

As for what gear to change, I think your best bets to start will be to get more Vit on those shoulders without losing resist, maybe ditching the lacunis and buy/craft something with good dex, vit, double resist and 5+Crit. If youre willing to lose about 30 or so Dex on your innas pants, try to get some with a lot more vit.

Another option that is more preferential, could be to lose the nats set and get Ice climbers with Dex, Vit, double resists and % life. you will of course lose the 7% crit from the bonus so you will need a really good ring to make up for that, but the EHP gains from Ice Climbers would be great.

For the weapon if you are looking to get rid of the EF for something with Lifesteal on it, I would reccomend a WKL with LS and a socket that has around 840+ dps on it. It looks like it will lower your DPS a lot but the % bonuses make up for it outside of your sheet dps. Especially if you use Sweeping Wind and Fist of Thunder. Unfortunately those are really expensive, so another option is to get the highest DPS weapon that is 1.3 attacks per second or higher that you can afford that has crit damage, life steal and a socket. Dex is a bonus on the weapon as well. If you are using Wave of Light for damage the WKL wont be as good anyways and remember to put your higher damage wep in your main hand for it.

Before you blow a huge amount of money on anything, you can use d3up to plug in the stats from the piece you want to buy and see how it would affect your EHP and DPS. By selecting change/compare items in the drop down menu above the list of your gear.
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Thank you everybody for your inputs. I didn't know there was a cap in movement speed. I guess I will try to achieve what you guys recommended and start with increasing my EHP.
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