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Loving the free Anniversary Boost!

I love the anniversary buff, but my luck has been a little more tempered. I found a nice [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-butchers-sickle"]Butcher's Sickle[/url] that sold for a decent amount, but everything else I've found was salvaged. I'd like to craft something with additional pick up radius and not lose any other stats, but I haven't been that lucky yet.

I'll pass along the feedback about using buffs for special events, and feel free to keep posting your thoughts on the anniversary buff.

What about a 25% MF/GF/Exp bonus for 15-30 minutes if you clear every single boss in an act (let the bonus stack over to the next act.

For instance, if I play A1 through all of the bosses, I have a bonus similar to the anniversary boost for 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or a random time between 5 mins and 30 mins. This boost would start at the beginning of A2.
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05/16/2013 01:57 PMPosted by Grimiku
The [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/9691896/less-cake-more-demons-happy-anniversary-diablo-iii-5-15-2013"]anniversary buff[/url] combined with the multiplayer changes, and monster density in [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/9647272/patch-108-now-live-5-7-2013"]patch 1.0.8[/url] have been a lot of fun. I keep joining Public Games through the "Any Act - Any Quest" feature, and managed to increase my dps by about 20k in the last few days. I hope everyone is enjoying the anniversary buff, and good luck on finding awesome loot!

You know what you CMs need to do? You need to post your accounts somewhere so the rest of us can see who you are, what builds you use, and which gear you use.

Not only would be interesting to find out what you play, but the ridiculous amount of friend requests you get may just convince you to finally add the ability for us to block friend requests ourselves and deal with the FR spam bots once and for all.
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This is really good everyone!! Getting lots of mixed emotions on the "Anniversary Buff", and each person is bringing something to the table. I'm sad to see the buff's last day, but I really enjoyed it!! Any more thoughts on the subject?
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I love the buff and sure hope it won't be limited to an annual thing! (Especially the XP buff!) I've barely touched D3 since MoP came out. This past week though, I started leveling a new HC wizard, and haven't even been on WoW to do my auctions I've been so into playing while the buff is active.
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Come on u guys can't be serious about this.
25% MF and XP...What a joke!

Me thinks it's pretty awesome. We never got anniversary coolness in D2! It's nice have a little boost, but not so big where you feel like you have to be logged in the ENTIRE duration of the buff.
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The buff was a huge help for me. I just started playing again after about 8 months away and I was able to get a few paragon levels pretty quickly even from only playing an hour or 2 every day or so. Plus I got a few levels on my DH. Wish it lasted a bit longer.
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I liked the xp buff a lot too... it helped to take my monk from P26 to P40 playing about 2 hours a day during the week. MF was a little better too (about 2 legendaries per session), most of them useless, but since I'm playing a self-found char, it's sweet the hear the legendary drop sound when you kill a mob... :)
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The anniversary boost really doesn't seem to mean much to me. The legendary is not dropping any more now than before but get a lot more of garbage rares to pick up. Of course the legendary is the usual garbage too. Would of been better if Blizzard would of fixed the drop quality for an anniversary present before even more leave this game. Hay but this means they have had their heads in the sand about the crappy drops for a year now. Time to pull it out and do something so the Diablo fans that are left don't leave also. 9 out of 10 have already done so.
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I've enjoyed the anniversary boost. Legendaries are hit or miss like everything else. Like a guy above did, I found back to back legendaries within 10 mins, and then I found a set piece like a half hour later. Next day I didn't find any at all, day after that found 1 legendary and 2 set pieces

Just like the Demonic Essences...sometimes I get one every other rare/elite pack, sometimes I get one per run. RNG is RNG, manng!

I'd like to see this buff (or something similar) more often, maybe a week or weekend even, monthly, kind of ala the Darkmoon Faire.

Heck, maybe have an NPC that you can give 100k or 1M gold to, to turn the buff on for 1 hour. That way the 1337 lvl100paragoners' don't have to get the buff if they don't want.
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Got the second monk up to 60 and gained about 10 paragon with the barb. Farmed a lot of brimstones.

Not a bad week in D3 except for the crap news about the devs nerfing the skills that actually work...
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I'm a legit "casual", and I would pay 1M gold to an NPC, to turn on the buff for 1 hour...

Just sayin'.
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Thanks for everyone's input. Best thread I've started to date, and much appreciation to everyone that shared their thoughts!!
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I was worried that I had missed a lot since I have been gone in the Philippines for 2 to 3 weeks and had very little internet connection until now. Then I saw that they had an anniversary event. I thought it would be something cool like a special raid in a temp map or a unique item or I don't know, something cool.. and I was bummed that I would be missing it.. and so now I've come back, realized I did miss something.. but what I missed seems more like a slap in the face from Blizzard than a genuine event. I mean, lets use the collector's edition wings for example, since I'm obsessed with them and they're both my most loved and most hated item in the game. Would any one tell me if they finally gave them an actually useful function finally? I find it absurd that people are allowed to use the AH to pay-to-win.. and yet all our "rewards" for being loyal fans and buying the collector's editions were utterly useless in-game. There is a strong contradiction there. And don't give me junk about how the item on AH were found blah blah blah.. that argument has some validity but isn't in itself a valid counter-argument. Plus, what about how some of the PS3 versions granting a cheesy (but slightly useful) +to exp helm?? So, PS3 players can play offline.. *and* some of them get a CE item with an actual use? (Albeit it is probably not a super helpful boost.. but still.. at least it is *something*.. )..

Why not have the CE wings transform the entire look of your character while activated and give a small boost to one stat or add a no/low resource cost no/low cool down dashing or flying attack.. or have it grant a hidden quest.. or be crafting material for an item.. oh gosh I could go on and on..

Also.. what happened with all that junk with the patch exploit.. and tons of gold artificially infused into the economy and Blizzard stupidly refusing to roll the servers back?? Did they ever come to their senses and do the rollback? Or are we all still playing in a corrupted version of the game? As a non-AH player, you'd think I would not care.. but I do... it might affect drop rates and even if it does not negatively impact my game play.. what about the other players who care about the game economy and who care about the game being legitimate? It is the principle of the thing. As an apology for that debacle. for the anniversary.. Blizzard should have given us all some huge reward or really funny event (or both) sort of as a token of regret and simultaneously a sign that they appreciate us as customers. I mean, I've been gone for weeks, so perhaps Blizzard did rollback or they did give us some bribe as an apology for their mess up... but I doubt it and haven't read anything to that effect thus far... could some one please get me up to date?

Anyway.. rant aside.. while it sounds like this anniversary event was insultingly lame and not nearly enough... it is still a good sign that they were even willing to hold any such event.. sounds like it sucked but it is still a move in the right direction. At Blizzard speed.. we might see actually fun, memorable and rewarding events in 5 years! Yay!

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