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Give us spectator mode!

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The pvp scene is being crippled by lack of a way for people to cast games. Please give us a way to spectate matches without interfering in the fight and the pvp scene will explode!
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Something like the starcraft replays should be available during and after the brawl. You should be able to scroll around the map and view cool downs and resources of each player.

Watching replays would also improve a fighter's techniques and tactics. A guild could watch the replay as a team to discuss what went wrong and how they could do things differently to get better.

People could record the replays and post it instead of recording the live fight. This would avoid someone losing due to lag.

Right now, the only way someone can spectate during a brawl is to die in the middle of the cathedral and watch via the resurrection screen. This creates problems because the brawlers try to stay within view of the spectator's screen and do not maneuver naturally.
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give us balance and pvp will explode!
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I agree, I would like to see a better method of spectating. Also, as for watching replays to improve tactics, there are many matches where one side has no chance either due to class imbalances or gear imbalances (where no amount of skill will overcome that).
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Replays would be a useful improvement resource for evenly matched fighters. Amateurs could also learn how to fight by watching the pros brawl.

Replays would provide a publicly viewable record of imbalances so it would be easier to discuss and correct these imbalances in the PvP system. There are situations where imbalances are so grotesque, they are not even believed when they are discussed in the forums. Official replays and not home made, poor quality videos would provide proof to these claims.
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This game has enough pvp activity to warrant a spectator mode?

Why don't we push for 4v4, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1 arena first?
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