Diablo® III

Anyone else solo 100% of the time?

Just curious as I know that there are bonuses now for public play.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I got pk'd. Now?

I've gotten to p17 without a second of public play/co-op play.

Anyone else out there afraid of the deep blue waters that is public?
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More afraid of the big DC then any lame PKer in this game. So I only play in pubs/priv friends games.
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I only play with other ww barbs.
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I played my last wiz almost exclusively pub until 54, when I died. Never had any real issue in PUB HC games, other than the occasional player running way ahead from the group.
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Honestly, I don't trust entering public games with strangers, but I do enjoy public games. So, with that said, I will only join a public game if I outgear the content by a large margin (Which I don't even do very often). When I get the urge to play a public game I just create my own game and open it to public. That way I don't have to worry about traps pkers could have set up, which gives me enough comfort to the point i am comfortable playing vs content that is the same level as my gear.
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i mostly do pub games unless im farming for keys. my philosophy on public games is, if you cant kill 2 elite packs at the same time by yourself in a full party, lower the mp.

the bonuses for pub games are nice if you're running with a decent group: less likely to die due to DC, monster density/exp, sharing finds, friendly (or not so friendly) chatting can be entertaining, etc. i have not seen any attempts for PK in quite a while. i'd suggest you give pub games another try.
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I solo probably 95% of the time. I've been playing a little bit in groups recently, and it has been fun so I may start doing that more. But unless I'm playing late at night I generally need to be able to go afk fairly frequently, and it's rude to do that with a team. :)
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Luckily I was playing in a group yesterday (private tho). Were doing MP4 A2, when my D3 client crashed for the very first time in 1 year as soon as we met a firechain pack (don't know what was the complete affix as the game crashed right in my face). It asked me to send the error report to blizzard (not the windows report, but blizzard report). I hurried myself to log back into D3, thinking Petassus might be dead... luckily my team has been able to save my life.

Playing solo, I would be dead for sure. Thanks Speranza, Arus & Planchard!
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I play public games on all of my characters except my barb.

I tried playing with him a few times in public MP4 games but it's quite annoying trying to round up monsters and lead them into the meat grinder, only to have the tornadoes kill them before they get there. It's hard trying to find anything higher than MP4.
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I used to solo 100% of the time before the team patch. Maybe occasionally with 1-2 friends at a time here and there. There used to be no one I trusted more than my Windforce/Cold SOJ Scoundrel.

I wanna play more pubs with my alternative characters for the entertainment. I hope to meet and survive a few PK attempts.
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Solo here. Nobody I know plays and even if they did, I'd probably still play solo. At least this way, if I'm only half paying attention to the game, I'll only get myself killed.
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I play in private multiplayer or public games. I don't care about PK'ers, they can't kill me anyway. I'm more concerned about DC/freeze and there is more chance to survive one in multi-player.
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100% Solo, 100% of the time.
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I play in public games exclusively. They are wayyyy more entertaining and enjoyable for me. Like 100x more fun. I've never had a problem with pkers. No reason to be scared.

I always think its crazy when people play this game(or any diablo) exclusively solo. For me it has always been about the multiplayer experience.
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Dirk plays with himself 100% of the time. All of Dirks friends are older and very powerful. No one will play with Dirk due to being too young and weak.
The time draws near that Dirk will be of age soon and be able to play with his friends!!
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What's wrong with co-op? All I hear is bad things and I been doing co-op public random games since launch. The only complaint I can think of is the lack of coordination but can be fixed by typing a few sentences like "Let's farm zone X, Y, and Z".

What is so bad about it?
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Most annoying question I see in public games:

Is it safe?
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Never touch the stuff. Paragon 32.

I should change my character name to Misanthrope.
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Why is that annoying? That's probably the mots relevant question someone might have.
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05/23/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Sunshine
I generally need to be able to go afk fairly frequently, and it's rude to do that with a team. :)

That's the biggest reason why I play solo. That and being anti social.
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