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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?

9.5 on gear, 6/10 on build. Over 3 aps with no vengeance, punishment or a good hatred generator? Seems horribly inefficient to me.. you end up kiting around shooting a lot of bolas, correct?

You'd also gain a ton more edps by replacing rare ring w an SOJ, especially since the ring gives you no ehp. Per d3up, ring contributes 7% DPS, while SOJ will provide you w ~3% total DPS through +ele and RF CC, and up to 30% more DPS against elites.

Profile DH is nekked. Skip or d3p http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/ragnar-1875/Arya/25647597

hi there ragnar.

hmm. i never have to kite with my build. my ehp is just right for me to be able to tank most things on mp10. pop gloom, fire a few bolas, then channel RF.. pretty simple really, no kiting needed. with over 3 aps, once i am out of hatred, i'll pop gloom and fire bolas. within the 5 seconds, my hatred's full again and i still have time to snapshot the lifesteal with RF. rinse and repeat.

i do run with vengeance sometimes when there's a ww barb in the party cos they cover almost every square inch when they run around.

the beautiful thing about dh is we have lots of ways to play our character, you will hardly find 2 dh's with exact same set of skills. i find my current setup to be efficient for me but of course you are entitled to your own opinion. appreciate the comment though. cheers!

to the next guy, rate Ragnar please. :)
@Ragnar... Lovely calamity build, very similar to mine.

Out of interest, what MP level are you doing comfortably?
@GinZ Very nice setup with lots of average damage for the Calamity. I guess the WH could be better and maybe a high avg damage Reflection instead of the mediocre tri would be good upgrades to try.
@Ragnar... Lovely calamity build, very similar to mine.

Out of interest, what MP level are you doing comfortably?
Elites take between 20-30 secs with few exceptions (extra health nightmare etc). d3p also had fire support instead of bombard.
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0/10 for no DH!!!!
9/10 for pure rapid fire bombs :)
does it work well with ur aps in conjunction with punishment? O.o

Oh and sharpshooter should be custom engy cause I was testing something
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nice legacy gear. i have a better legacy set if you are interested.
@FootofGOD your DH build is similar to my own, Upgrades will be costly at this point. Nicely blanaced! I would look at perhaps some EHP on a witching hour next or some crafted shoulders with vit ar and life %
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nice legacy gear. i have a better legacy set if you are interested.

Don't have 2 beez+ lol

Lookin' good. I would go for a new DML with similar stats but with Rapid Fire instead of Cluster Arrow. The extra Crit Chance makes a big difference in overall damage output.
@Skadoodle I would say that u can try ur luck crafting the new amulets which will give u some gd dps. If possible a mempo with cc. Ur dh looks decent.
Sorinr very nice build some crafted gloves might be worth looking into
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@ cash money..

what is the base dps on your MANTI before the RUby
@ ^^^

Pretty decent gear all around. Good amount of HP, res and armor. Not sure how well steady aim works for you as you have to stand still with RF and you don't use vault. That manti needs some serious work as well.

Nice regen setup, good resist and high dps build though critical hit chance can be increased a little more. Any reason on why no movement speed for your toon?
Skip me. I was rated before.
@ Saturn.

You stud! 10 out of 10.
@ Rav - more ehp would be good. Bracers in particular can be improved.

@ Flatfoot - you andy visage's fire dmg is way too high. Another upgrade would be the DML..i presume you enjoy playing glass cannon, but a balance DH is nice too. Good amount of armor, low HP and AR.
@killua nice l4n maybe u can try luck crafting gloves and a better Innas pants .
Been forever since I've been in one of these threads so I'll bite. Please take a look @ my HC main.

@ Killua, 10/10 man. Sick craftables you're sporting there. I'll trade you my gloves and bracers. :D
Idk much about HC, but seems like a pretty safe build. OK resists and damage, along with a good amount of vita. Maybe somehow increase your dps without losing survival. Resistance bracers with CC and dex vita, or higher vita DML? 8/10 solid overall.

Crafting some new gloves I suggest:)

Overall 8/10
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