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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?

@Killua. Thats an amazing DH overall. i think you could get more effective DPS, and maybe even better ehp by switching your legacy nats for the newer gear. although, at the level of legacy you have, the upgrades would be billions a piece XD
Dam your so lucky you crafted those nice shoulders i always get terrible luck with that all i got is a nice amulet
@proto Nice dh! Maybe get a 200+vit inna's chest over your with magic find, that will boost your hp by miles. 8.5/10
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Yeah been trying to find some nice crafts myself. I want AR on my gloves and/or vit.


Someone beat me....


You got a really nice DH! How much did you spend on ur DH? Seriously...
As for the bat companion, I don't think you need the bat because you attack fast so yoy regen hatred fast.

9/10. :)
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Nice DPS with the legacy nat Nyan cat!

@Adamlulz u can try crafting shoulders they can roll better than the vile wards as well as craft amulet with cc and cd. Innas chest will be a better defence option over nats chest.
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500k dps, 70k hp, 4k armor. What more can I say. 10/10

rate mine
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It might be cheaper to get a 1 socket manticore with dex and give u more dps.

Get litany of the undaunted for ur left ring.

Overall not bad :O

oh plz do a re-rate I just got out of game so Its a new update for the stats .
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06/13/2013 08:07 AMPosted by Shadowcat
oh plz do a re-rate I just got out of game so Its a new update for the stats .

Again you should get a one socket manticore if you want lifesteal or get a rare bow. I saw on AH a few days ago a 1700+ dps rare crossbow with socket. But it got 2 beez bidded lol


Great gear, nice leg nats and top tier manticore

Nice stats Para 23 and 4.7k Armor, almot 3k Dex and 1k life. You are on the right way just keep improve Dps and Ehp.


Nice DH:) maybe you can replace that Witching hour with one that got no AR but bring more dps. Life is kinda low atm but once you finalized your mempo and put a purple into that, should be fine with current life steal.

Overall 9/10
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@Nemesisa 10/10....
@shingO wow, great items and dps! Can I have your Calamity? :)
A bit lacking on all res/armor, but if you have no problems then maybe it's not such a big issue. 8/10

I'm looking for some advice on what to upgrade next (look away from the low tier gems, please). What do you seasoned DHs out there think I should do?
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Solid DH overall, well-defended and not fragile. As for gear suggestions, look for more trifecta gear, esp. in jewelry and gloves. Gloves are pretty easy to score, jewelry is pricier of course. I think you can trade some dex for those, considering that your well over 3k dex. ;)

And you should also work on increasing your max disc. There are Nats cloaks with +disc.

And your resists are already very good, but you can get your Inna's gear with AR without breaking the bank.
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@gone some pretty nice stuff like the ward and nat's reflection
For more dmg maybe switch the boots with zuni's or the chest with inna's chest

Looks like you just started your DH. I'd focus on crafting Archon Shoulders, Bracers, Gloves, and an Amulet (in that order). Crafting will be the biggest bang for your buck right now. =)
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@hades good damage and survivability only thing that you need to upgrade is like me the hellfire ring.The xp isnt worth the 20k dmg you could be getting.

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