Diablo® III

Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?


since i know ur exp on builds ill just say get a mempo with CC thats it :D nice manti btw.

Getting cc mempo won't change my damage when snapshotting, so its actually better to get a higher dex one. :)

hows the experiment? is it super viable?
only thing i would say would be easy to get 9% ias innas pants. then gg sir gg.

pretty nice. 8/10. i would try to increase my vitality and all res if i were you. your ehp seems very low, unless you are playing ranged and able to step well. the only piece of all res i see is on your boots. try gambling with crafting for your bracers to get some ehp (while still getting high dex and crit chance).. dps wise, i would try and save for an epic bow. but of course, i understand that not everyone has the budget. keep working on it :)
9.5/10 awesome dh
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Nice balanced DH overal. Your really tanky! With ur hp, I don't think u need perfectionist.

@Nyan... Love the build! And after seeing your 200K dps melt elites earlier with your funky gloves... I be moist... Lol
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06/19/2013 04:38 AMPosted by shingO
@Nyan... Love the build! And after seeing your 200K dps melt elites earlier with your funky gloves... I be moist... Lol

Did you ever read this?


You build seems very interesting.. I just don't quiet understand it. I see a lot of +% dmg everywhere for bombardment. But no CC?

I can't make out if this is really good build or just... I dont even know. ?/10
Decent DPS build. High HP however not nearly enough All Resist or Armor to help back it up. Really good for clearing MP1~6, but not really that effective on the high spectrum.

Great dh! One of the veterans on the forum. :)
his mine dont want to know how bad it is haha
Holy smoke! godly legacy set !! Are u perma-smoke screen with calamity??
Everything is prefect! Ammy can be better i guess.
9/10 Hinary pretty badass
@Hightimes870 7/10.

I'd like to think I do okay for mp10. I don't die very often with numbing traps, and I got a bit over 320 AR.

@saboking2 7/10
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*cough rmah user* I said nothing.
Tho im rather impressed how well you built your DH.

Rather confused on ur skillset for 2 hatres generators.
Try using prep -> punishment rune.

I just use rmah for maybe half my eq. But the way I look at is... I play diablo for fun/enjoyment... grinding 100s of hours isn't really fun for me. But trying our new builds and , finding out and experimenting new thing, and doing big damage.. for me is fun.

I don't mind spending a 1-2 day(s) work worth of money to save myself countless hours of grinding. Just my pov but. I got other stuff to do.

Anyways, I must admit I am a fan of you build. Enjoyed that glom vid you made.

My build at the moment is just a mess, just trying out new things
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I completely understand and respect that. But I always point it out if its obvious :P

As long as people aren't a douche about it, im cool.
Just noticed this thread and I think it's awesome. Not a DH pro or anything of that sort so @VocaloidNyan, I'd have to give you an 8/10 from what I see. It takes me back to when D3 first came out haha.

EDIT: My DH needs a lot of work.
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