Diablo® III

Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?

Doing well got lots of hp (maybe too much) with good DPS If I were in your situation try swapping out some of the vit for dex?

nice dps, and overall good demon hunter! keep it going!
@FrozenArrow: insane DPS... and attack speed. EHP is a little low -- looks like a glassy set up. Overall quite nice! 8/10

Gd ehp and dps, get a soj and u will kill elite faster.
Not to mention u still have 45 lvl of free stats.

I post in here cos I want to say the below words:

U !@#$, you got that nat ring @ 500m didn't you!!!!
I was about to click BO and the next moment it was gone!!!
I had to wait a week before I found another one I like in AH!!!

Thats all.
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You got a unique DH. A lot of life regen for some reason lol.
High eHP for sure. Dps could have a lot more potential though.

@Vocaloid interested why you're using ZT boots?

I have some gold, no idea what my low hanging fruit upgrades are next.
@Vocaloid interested why you're using ZT boots?

I have some gold, no idea what my low hanging fruit upgrades are next.
8% poison damage is potent.

Lowest hanging fruits for you are your chest, shoulders, bracers, and ammy which are all pretty good. I'd ditch Andy's helm too, but the one you've got isn't half bad. A marquise in your weapon is worth it too IMO.

Edit 8.5/10
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nice hc dh
@Grogutz.... Nice hellfire.....9/10
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nice PvM DH. For PvP, a full nats set would be better.
Very cool DH DerfelCadarn, I'm guessing you are set up for Pvp right now. Looks like a good set up to get some one shot kills or at least close to it. Well done!
I like everyone's above me.

I just rolled mine today and borrowed my Monk gear. I'll take any pointers you guys have..
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Interesting build with all the set bonuses. Dual wield is fun, but ineffective. To get more stay power get a calamity or Manticore with a Dead Man's Legacy. Roll an ammy and shoulders, and you'll improve a lot. Over all though your build looks like it'd be fun to play!
@Zylinius Nice toon. I think the right rare ring is probably a good place to look for upgrades.

If your primary damage skill is RF, perhaps you can give Vengeance a try, with a little bit of Pick Up Radius, you can stand there and channel RF for a very long time.
@ECOLA: Excellent DH, made even more impressive because you didn't spend billions on gear. True role model to those who want to make a "good" DH. Good DPS, good damage, hit 2.0 breakpoint.
I'd only mention two things:
-At those DPS, SOJ wiill win out over your rare (but drop you below BP, so may need some figuring out)
-Don't think you need that much mitigation, especially not from Perfectionist. 70k hp/500ar is plenty. Try switching to CtW (caltrops) or SA.

Skip me or d3progress my DH
@Ragnar, skipping you since your are missing quite a few slots. But that one nice Calamity =)

8.5/10, jealous of your trifecta nats ring. My 2cents will be looking for ias 20 on your DML since you are running calamity.

Great stats all around. You'll be doing 1 expensive piece at a time now.

I think you could get a lot of a similar DPS manti with dex, followed by a well rolled amulet. From there it'll be smaller increments. A DML with RF would be on the list to be done later.

Having all 3 of your passives dedicated to resource gen however hurts. Adding some more IAS pieces should help with hatred gen so you can replace one of those passives with archery or steady aim if you decide not to use grenades.

-1 for passives having to balance stats out, -0.5 as a culmination of all the small gear tweaks.

Overall a solid 8.5 as well!
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