Diablo® III

Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?

Just a thought to help you improve these threads.

I would do it, but i don't wanna steal your thread idea seeing as there has been more of these.

Make multiple threads with categories: I would use:

Tank DH's mp0-4; then mp5-7; and finally mp8+
Ranged DH's, with the same mp ranges.

or do it by dps/ehp or something, idk. your call!
great thread btw.

Whoever is under me, don't comment about my dh, but if you do, idc about ehp, all glass, extra cannon please)

Wheres all your gear?



320k dps + top notch EHP = great job
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Ill be forever alone in legacy set...
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gimme 6b pl0x.
@ Death

Pretty sweet Windforce build. My only suggestion is boosting your vitality by +200 and +100 all resistance for more survivability.
{SKIP ME. Rate "Bohemond"}

@ Hades, not bad for a DW set up. Although I'm surprised you're not stacking elemental damage somewhere to help the black damage weapons out. In your situation I would probably go with a high Dex Inna's belt with 8% holy to get your 2 piece Inna's set bonus and then get a high VIT nats chest to replace your current Inna's. Don't worry too much about high Dex if you can't afford it since with a Nats chest you'll be getting the 3 piece Nats bonus 130 Dex to make up for it. With that set up you'll end up with more Dex, 8% elemental damage, 1% more CC, higher armor and more DPS.


@ VocaloidNyan, that's a very low end L4N set you got there man. I wouild definitely look into get either some higher end pieces or move to new Nats. High CC and Nightstalker passive means we never run out of discipline either and we get better stats. Just food for thought.


Thank you for such a detailed response, Death. I just switched over from my Monk to level my DH, so I'll definitely take a serious look at your suggestions.
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U got some very decent gear there ..........Mempo calamity etc ... I dont have much to say. ...may be try to craft more and get a better ring
@ death I still have to try out the bola shot i understand the disc regen is nice but i find that with nightstalker i gain enough, do you have any issues with OVER discipline regen? overall nice and props on windforce user!

@ iemo4u

Are u pining for someone? Hopefully that someone knows it. :)

Nice balanced dh. Guess u sold your gems when it was profitable to do so. I'd consider swapping the zu boots for a high dex nat set since u already have a nat ring. 7cc on dh is a great boast!
Good gear, don't understand the point of Hungering Arrow and CB with RF. HA is a bad generation, esp if you're trying to use both RF and CB.
V Nice EHP

Cheers, yeh im at 320k dps - - but i'd like to think its at 350k+ dps because my 'bait the trap' skill gives me 10%cc pretty much 99% of the time :p

The thing that stands out most to be is the dual wielding in your build. I'd suggest maybe put a ruby in the lower dps one and a em in the higher dps one. You will notice a increase in your total dps.
Might want to test it first.
@Ragnar quite a solid DH i gotta say.

you can still improve your gear by crafting gloves & bracers

very nice quiver ^^

ok I got skipped so any input on my gear and build always looking for advise
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Nice setup. Suggest upgrade in gems to at least star. Also get a nat cc ring when you get more funds. Also try craft bracers to improve ehp and amy and gloves to get more damage.
@ ant2ny

nice survivability and nice damage for your items. Great!

whao Bow'n Board that's something you don't see a whole lot of. Liking the Danetta's though, sexiest bow in the game. I'm wondering how beneficial is the shield though...especially with ur RA sub 400 and gloom on your skill bar.
@Saturn Pretty balanced all around. There's definitely a lot of crafting potential and improvement. I find it disturbing that you are running on 0 movement speed? Is it because of the fact that you can facetank mobs? Personally, I can't stand moving at that speed but kudos to you for being able to and furthermore no set bonuses on any items. It's not wrong to have non set items and to each his own but I would advise you to have some set bonuses. There's a lot of advantages to having 7.0cc + 130Dex. They don't cost so much these days unless you're looking at high end stats. Overall pretty good. 7/10
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