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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you.. part?


Maybe look at get inna's set or nat 2-3 set?

Also, I don't know if a ruby is worth getting on a manti with 34%+ wep damage. I think maybe double emerald will give you more dps. But you should test it.

Looking at your skill build. How are you going to regen disc with out a nat legacy or Night stalker??? As a DH you need disc to stay alive.

Decent build overall, 7/10.
@Electrolclash- A fine non-legacy build bro! TIme to bite the bullet and get urself a 2socket dex manti with 1300+ dps and get/craft urself a trifecta ammy. But overall ur gearing is in good form. 9/10 for ya.

@VocaloidNyan- your not alone bud! I'm L4N thru and thru. =D
SKIP ME review chainkjuice

RE: Mojito

Making a DH that survives without gloom takes a totally different approach.
Nats...generally too glassy ...life regen on the boots replaces vit and caps the dex at 200 - no good. Trifecta nats ring costs billions for 2-3% CC gain. With up to 4700 life per sec really don't need that much disc except to vault. Frees up a lot of the burden from disc.
Gloom's 35% dmg reduction is too much to pass up. I'd like to keep it up 100% of the time i'm fight mobs.

I have over 70k hp with over 350 res all and 3400 armor, and I'm sure if I have gloom down for even 3-4 secs while fighting a big mob... i'd be dead.

How can 3400 hp regen/sec replace gloom?
@Chainkjuice - Not a whole lot to really complain about. Nice L4N! I would say 9.5/10 because I feel you could have better bracers and shoulders but I've been trying to get mine up as well and cant seem to do it.


DH is coming along nicely, just a suggestion though. If you're going with IAS/CD for both rings, I would invest in a nats ring with CD (since IAS is native) and then change your boots to zuni boots with 190+ dex and 8% poison. Should give you a substantial DPS boost, and then upgrade your gems. Keep plugging away though! Looking good.


Despite the fact you have 20k more HP. Your EHP is practically the same as mine. So my HP - EHP ratio is higher than yours making my sustain more effective per EHP point. Only I regain up to 10% HP per second without using disc. Add to that 4% life steal on cluster arrow for massive heals. Yes glooming is easy, but I find it quite boring and generic and limits what you can do if you don't have gloom as you yourself stated.
@ Otto

You have a pretty stellar Demon Hunter. 500K DPS is amazing with the Calamity.
Maybe get a Mempo?
@Death, you've got good dps for using WF and your HP is alright, obviously you have room for improvement there try to hit 50k hp or more if you can

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@ CashMonay

Amazing gear you have there. I am not too sure what you can really improve on other than getting the 6% CC on Mempo and Lacuni.

Definitely 10/10
Get rid of that helm when you can, you probably have been but w/e. Get rid of the hellfire ring too, its garbage. You need better gems asap, big boost in dps there. You are on your way though, 6/10

@cashmoney, why no archery? decent dps, with some lucky crafting and new pants, you are getting there.

Pretty elite, not much to improve. You could pick up some ar if you need it.
@Shoe. Never used a manti but I've seen a lot people poppin one ruby and 1 emerald in their mantis for more damage.
@shingO: I'd suggest switching your chest piece and boots for 2-piece Nats. You'll gain a useful set bonus (7% Crit) to replace the useless Spirit regen, 70+ AR on the boots, and it's not hard to find either item with high Dex roll and Vit. Plus Nat's Embrace can roll a damage bonus to Grenades. Also, you'll probably want to get your hands on a DML with a bonus to Elemental Arrow instead of Rapid Fire. I like that you're using something other than Manticore. Elemental Arrow is one skill that actually benefits from a faster weapon. Might possibly want to consider Calamity.

A solid 7/10.
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Nice DH Aero! Your DPS is insane... I'm struggling to just reach the 200k mark. I don't play enough to be godly, but really trying to do the best I can with no gold and very little time. Rip and tear!
Might help to replace one of those rings with nats and get inna's belt too, will give you a good 260 dex bonus. you use archery with the crossbow so the loss in crit hit chance shouldn't be significant. I struggle with funds as well so I know how it is. Trying to save up for a decent pair of nats boots myself.

I'm new to demon hunters, but perhaps more crit?
@nightroad Love the direction you're taking... a 2 socket Manti will help for sure!
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