Dont know if there is already a topic for this, but:
Eversince 1.08 went live people have been feeling mandatory to play 2-3 levels above compared to what would be reasonable according to their DPS when it comes to multiplayer. Simply put, they are piggybacking for XP.
I mean I understand, that the aim of the multiplayer boost was to enable more sinergy in multiplayer, but having 2 players with less than 130k unbuffed DPS in MP9 games, dying to almost all elite packs is simply rediculous. It totally destroys the pace of the game and negates the newly introduced rewards, obviously..."But I can survive MP10!!"- Sure, but if it takes you 5 mins to take down a single pack of elites you are in the wrong place. I mean you can solo anyway you want, but there are interests of others to be considered when playing multi, wouldnt you agree?
Now, what can I do here to make things optimal again?
1. Go team up with friends. - No can do. I dont have many friends that still play D3 and are into multi anymore. Im sure Im not the only one.
2. Leave and rejoin a new game. - Not good, as in my estimate at least 90% of games are plagued with this phenomenon and it is really not normal to be searching for 20 mins. for a decent game.
3. Votekick the weak. - Well I could initiate, but chances the next player taking his place will be just as weak are very high. Believe me you will get tired after 3 votekicks in a row.
4. Forget multi. - As much as it seems the most viable solution, I would like to benefit from the new rewards once in a while, especially because I think this matter is something that can be solved without a very serious effort.
Now, I know it might be unfair to make restrictions based on sheer DPS, but I think a formula for "potential damage" could be written, that may be tied to MP level.
Also I dont want to force this on players that really dont care and have 350k+ sheer DPS that will single handedly melt MP10 elite packs even with multiplied HP, but there really should be an option when ticked it will only seek a match amongst players that also have this option turned on.

Thanks for considering :)
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