Diablo® III

A conversation with Headrig about Crafting

Vendetta: Fine day today, isn’t it, mate?
Headrig Eamon: *in his usual Irish accent* Fine day it is. How goes the Battle.
Vendetta: It’s going. Anyway, I need you to craft something. I want a new Razorspike Bracer with a large amount of Vitality, Some Strength, adds more than 70 points to all of my resistances, put some armor bonus to it, and some chances to do a Critical Hit.
Headrig Eamon: Okay, but it’s gonna cost ya’.
Vendetta: I’ll pay whatever. Here *Hands large amount of Money*.
Headrig Eamon: *Starts crafting* … and done.
Vendetta: *Checks* wait… Intelligence? Dexterity? 202 Vitality, okay… 17% to find Magic Items, Cold Resistance, and additional pickup radius? What is this?! Come on Headrig, do it again…
Headrig Eamon: … payment?
Vendetta: *Pays up again*
Headrig Eamon: … *Starts crafting* … and done, here’s another one.
Vendetta: *Checks*Strength… Intelligence, 285 Vitality.. 28 all resistance? Additional health from potions… You’re joking right? I told you what specifically to craft, why aren’t you making them?!
Headrig Eamon: This is how I craft lad, I don’t know what you’re talking about…
Vendetta: Well you’re not crafting! You’re making me Gamble!

Comment up: what do you think should be done for better crafting? I really don't mind Gambling for items in the game... it is fun... I just wished it was named "gamble" instead of craft.

Remember the "Runes" in Diablo II: LOD* "? You have an item and its set of attributes in mind... you have the items to make it, you make it, and you get the item and its set of attributes on you.

I'm not saying that Runewords should be included now (Make that an expansion thing, if you want, dear Devs), I'm talking about better, accurate crafting. You can mitigate this by attribute dependent cost, or "special item" drop-rate rarity, depending on it's attributes.

What do you think?

* Diablo II has some nice things in it, but truthfully, I like Diablo III more as a game.
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i mean crafting is dirt cheap as it is why is everyone complaining....like everything else in the game its a gamble, aka numbers game.....everyone complains that crafted stuff should ONLY roll desired end game stats.....this isnt WoW, its D3
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Dude, his wife just died from a combination of zombie plague and a hammer to the face, and the world is going to end, sometimes a man needs to drink away his problems. Crafting while drunk is hard.

on a more serious note, think of crafting paying and turning old drops to get new drop rolls on specific items you choose.
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They should bring back gambling from D2 and if you could craft what you wanted and it be 100% it gear would be worthless and crafting mats too cause you would have no need to upgrade once you hit your max on every item.

Gambling should be brought back as a gold sink.
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