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Efficient Leoric's Sig farming

I just started farming for a leoric's signet and am trying to figure out how to make it as efficient as possible. I am using infinite tempest rush with about 355% magic find pre neph valor. If anyone can enlighten me on any of the below points it would be very helpful.

1. Does it matter which quest I choose when beginning a farming run. Obviously you have to choose Act 2 quest 8 (black soulstone) or later. But does choosing a specific subquest within quest 8 or choosing quest 9 or 10 affect monster levels? i.e. do monster levels go up if you choose a later quest which leads to a different legendary ring drop such as a manald heal instead of a LS?

2. Does movement speed bonuses from gear matter if I am using infinite tempest rush or is the tempest rush speed what it is regardless of movement speed from gear? (yes I use tailwinds)

3. What is the best farming run route? I usually start of in the caldeum sewers for an elite or pack, then port to get to path to dulgar oasis, go into the sewer there, then head back to the dulgar oasis itself, clear it including the caverns there. Then head over to desolate sands and clear that including the caverns there. But am I wasting my time with a run like this and with clearing everything rather than just concentrating on areas with the highest concentration of elites / packs such as the vault of the assasin (i think thats wut its called, where you find zultan's blood)? What is the most efficient run for dropping LS?

4. I have gotten 3 legendaries so far, boots, a diablo, and a belt. Boots were lvl 3, diablo lvl 10, and belt somewhere in between there. But I picked up a couple rare rings that dropped recently just to see what level they are and both rare rings were lvl 18. Is this a problem? does that mean a legendary ring would of been a manald rather than a LS?

Any help or insights would be great!
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found 3 so far, latest 2 back in 1.06 and the last just couple of days ago in 1.08.

Just do what your doing now, found them on mp10 and mp0. Inifinte tempest rush, going max speed on oasis only for me.

found them by:
1. was a resplendad chest @ 132nd run of oasis
2. oasis off elite pack that was something like 10 runs... wasn't really looking but was just testing out the tempest build and tuning it as i was getting spirit regen gear
3. off white mob looking for bashoik (just found him)

So my route was just to do oasis and nothing else. My mf is 417% after 5 stack on mp10 normal
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am the only user that has any successful leoric signet farm. I've found so far over 30 signets since the rings release.

It took me 3 months to minimize the farming location down to a 45 second run. The ring drops with max magic find, tempest rush monk build mp10 act 2. I am not disclosing the farming area, since I love the fact its so rare to find that players give up.

Its the perfect item I've farmed yet.

Man, I'm jelly. Oh, please do tell.
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He just lied lol
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