Diablo® III

Top70 MP10 Uber/Crypt Carry

Previous thread is full,

Add me caiqian#1669
Twitter @walsinh

Gurenteed: gold back if not done 3 bosses within 10 mins including necessary time travelling from portal to portal and picking up loots!

1) Profile:
I have the following chars that can solo mp10 uber:

Dual Wield Cookie Cutter Monk:
Diabloprogress: top 1k player (overall) and top 70 (monk) in U.S.; 360k+ unbuffered DPS and 980k+ EHP (with 6% life steal so no wasting time on kitting reflect damage etc).

Rapid Fire Demon Hunter:
Diabloprogress: top 1k player (overall) and top 500 (DH) in U.S.; 340k+ ubuffered DPS and 900k+ EHP

Hybird Archon Wizard
Diabloprogress: top 700 player (overall) and top 200 (wiz) in U.S.; 390k+ unbuffered DPS

Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian:

Critical Mass permanent freeze Wizard:

Firebats Witch Doctor:

Bell and Tempest Rush Monk:

Zero Dog Witch Doctor:

Dual Wield Bola and Spike Demon Hunter:

2) Price:
Price per person depends on how many IMs (Inferno Machines) you have that can be used each round:
0: 50m (5nv pre-cleared)
3: free

Pay upfront upon starting a game.

3) Extra:
I also offer some extra:
- mp10 key run
- mp10 act4 IM plan
- gear/build/items check services
- build a set
- mp10 Paragon leveling/Demonic Essense farming
- mp10 crypt run
Edited by caiqian#1669 on 11/28/2013 2:33 AM PST
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I'm looking for a freebie. Available now?
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Online now.
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Online atm.
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Will buy in any spot available for 6m, adding you now.
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Online now.
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Online again.
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Taking request now.
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Sup Caiquian, I tracked you down from diabloprogress site, looks like you were the previous owner of my awesome iceclimbers ! sweet boots thank you.

Im up to help you on ubber carries anytime you want, Im experienced on ubber carries , specially with monk partners :P.
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Yes, good ice climber is so rare those days. Being looking for ages to upgrade the one in my DH.
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Online now.
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Just carried me. I died about a million times but got all three parts -- great service!
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Thanks Yendor. The game is back online quickly, so start to carry now.
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Just got carried. Fast response after I add them. And I got a co-op achievement during 5 buffs (Eternal War - Cooperative)
Also friendly too!
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Thanks Winged. Glad to help.
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Online this whole day.
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Still taking more requests.
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Willing to take more requests.
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