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[Guide] How to Build a WD for MP10


You can spent 10b for a WD and fu^^ it up real hard. I see wd´s with 20k+ elite kills that are lost. I´ve been lost. This is for players that are new to the class and want to build a proper WD that is viable on MP10 solo and valuable on MP10 parties. This is also for wd´s who feel like stuck or to anyone who is looking for a change. I´m gonna talk about everything you need to know about WD and break it down in sections. What I´ll talk about comes from personal experience and proper testing with various builds and gear.

A lot of people have asked me to check their gear and build, to tell em´ where´s the problem. It´s always the same and when they ask I can tell it without looking.

It´s a chain reaction:

Weapon is too fast and without solid dmg -> on top of that there´s too much ias on the gear -> the lack of efficient manapoints (will be refered as emp from now on) and all this leads to a bad build that is not efficient and barely viable on MP10.

A goal, a milestone when gearing a WD is to reach 200k unbuffed dps with SoJ. You achieve this and you´re viable on MP10 solo and you´re valuable on MP10 parties.

Another goal is to being able to use this build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#VfUdjQ!ZYT!ccZcYb

Max buffs with max AoE dmg without mana skills and passives. It´s not mandatory to use this build but when you can pull it off you can use any build setup and when you do use a mana passive you´ll never run out of mana.


The most important things when selecting a weapon is the base dmg and low attacks per second. (will be refered as aps from now on) So it´s 2H, 1H spears and maces with 1.2 aps (not EF) and why not 1.3 aps axes but you should always check 2H and spear/maces before going for an axe.

A weapon should always be black i.e min dmg,max dmg +% dmg.

Now you can control your aps by adding just the right amount of ias to your gear and you´ve a weapon with solid base dmg which is everything for a WD.

Optimal aps for 1H is between 1.5-1.55, you can cast and move efficiently and going over 1.55 will only drain your mana faster with marginal gains in faster casting animation.

Optimal aps for 2H is between 1.15-1.36, it´s up to a personal preference and what kind of build you want to use.

It´s possible to play without LS but vs reflect and nasty packs LS is mandatory and if you´re new to the class I recommend getting a weapon with LS.

For 2H weapons it´s pretty much skorn atm, hopefully the loot patch will fix this.

Never trade Int,cc,chd or large amounts of vit for ias.

Ruby vs Emerald:

I spent 20-30m to test these gems on field and the results were clear.

Ruby boosts your white dmg and the dmg of dots. If you want to do 2H and to use locusts a lot then Ruby is for you.

If you care about the crit dmg of bears/CoB/sacrifice then go with the emerald.


Here is 3 choises:

TotD the frog which gives 20 pickup radius, meaning that you don´t need any pickup radius on other gear. Frog also has max mana and manaregen which are gold. For other stats I recommend high avg dmg, high Int and high vitality.

Uhkapian serpent, dps mojo with +% dmg to elites for other stats I recommend manaregen and -cost to zombie charger.

Zunimassa´s string of skulls, by using this you open up a helm slot for visage of giya (the ultimate manaregen setup) or you can use mempo if you need the ias, no point in mempo if you can´t sustain the dmg and constantly go oom. For string you want cc and -cost to bears.

In a mojo emp>>>>>>10k dps always.

2H vs 1H:

I used 1H for a long time. I had one of the best 1H dps weapons for a WD, bis zuni mojo and bis mempo. To put the prices on a perspective:

Spear sold for 400m,mempo for 3.5b and the mojo for 1.8b. I bought skorn for 200m and zuni helm for 700m. Rank in diablo progress took a spiral from top20. My sheet dps dropped by 20k.

If you look 1H and 2H objectively and without never playing with the other setup you´ll get:

High healing
High crit dmg
High weapon dmg


High crit chance
more hits

You may think it goes even, that they are the same and the difference is marginal, I did.

In reality 2H destroys 1H in killing speed. I fell in love right away. Also with 2H you can stand in desecrator,plague, arcane beams sweeping over and eating hits and facetank it all.

Dots are usable with 2H, pathetic with 1H. 1.08 buffs bats and Cloud of bats will do major dmg with 2H and you can facetank thx to high dmg and LS. Plague bats will be better for 1H but then again bears>plague bats, simply 708% vs 570% and plague bats have a pathetic range and AoE.

2H and 1H are both good and viable.

Adding attack speed to gear:

Weapon choise has been made. Now you need a few ias items and the goal for 1H was 1.5-1,55 aps and for 2H anything between 1.15-1.36 aps.

An obvious choise is the witching hour, get one based on your budget. I favor high Int/Vit rolls with high crit dmg. Other stats to look for: Pickup radius,Life%,Armor,High Str/Dex roll. If you can get high Int/Vit with AR roll go for it but imo that´s expensive garbage and better to get AR to other pieces.

Other one is Inna´s temperance. I browsed these yesterday and 8% ias 98 Dex, 190 Vit were starting from 40m to 58m or so. Budget version is with AR or with pickup radius. Big boys get Int/Vit roll. I recommend starting with high Vit roll. 2H user should buy 8% ias roll.

That´s a start and before adding more I recommend playing with your current aps and getting a feel for it.


Shoulders,Gloves,Bracers and an Amulet. All can be crafted and all can be bis. If you want to craft all and you´ve been hoarding essences then I recommend starting with shoulders, they should look like this:

150-190 Str
280-320 Int
90-150´ish Vit
10%+ Life%
50+ AR
Armor/Pickup radius

Settle for 1st decent roll that doesen´t remind above at all and move on to the bracers.Solid bracers have the following stats
220-320 Int
Armor/Physical Res
Pickup radius

Gloves and Vitality gloves :) Yes it´s hard but man when it pays off, gloves can also roll high dex roll so if you want to play monk someday, craft Vita gloves.

Gloves are an item where you can have ias, with crafting and for WD and at this point of the game, there´s no point in buying trifecta gloves unless it´s a steal and you can flip them for a large profit.

Solid gloves have High Int&Vit,High cc and High chd. Other good stats are trifecta,pickup radius,AR,Armor,High Str/Dex

Crafting amulets is like impossible, anyhow´ you want high cc and chd here, Vitality,Life%,AR,Armor,Socket,avg dmg are all welcomed.

To get started I recommend buying vile wards, it can be semi-decent cheap roll for usage just till you craft an imba shoulders or if you got golders, invest to solid roll, it´s a deposit that you´ll get back. Pickup radius on a good roll costs a mint, not worth it imo.

Craft bracers, they got the most potential.

Get gloves from AH, till you can craft an upgrade.

Look up rare and tal rasha´s amulets, till you can craft an upgrade. Some rare amulet´s with high Int,cc,chd and socket or some other good bonus stat you can get so cheap that it´s a robbery. If you got golders it´s wise to invest to a solid tal rasha. Forget ias roll, they are garbage and expensive. Forget 200+ vit rolls they are expensive and garbage. What you want is solid avg dmg or high Int with socket. I wouldn´t pay over 800m for these unless it´s bis and major dps boost.

Pickup Radius:

Pickup radius affecting skills is unique,cool and it can be a pain. Passive skills: Circle of Life,Gruesome Feast and Grave Injustice all require pickup radius to work.

In general a doctor should have 10-14 pickup radius in his/her gear, this be the optimum for all the above skills. You never need more than 14.

7 yards is fine but you´ll miss some dogs that would spawn with 10-14. 5 yards is also doable for GF and GI but not for CoL. I recommend having atleast 7 yards of pickup. You can have pickup on bracers,shoulders,belt,boots,gloves and chest.

Damage mitigation & EHP:

Whenever someone asks: "How much armor and AR should I get?"
The 1st answer is 4k armor and 800 AR. I dunno where these numbers have come nor why they are so sacred nor why you need 4k armor and 800 AR.

It´s about balance of AR,Armor and Life.

For 1H life is better than mad mitigation. I played without LS and with 3k armor, about 770 AR and with 73-83k life, it worked well in solo and in a party. With mititigation you should aim for a point where you can cast bears vs reflect, with 1H eliminating reflect completely is an overkill, it´s pointless and very expensive or you´ve to do it at the cost of dps.

For 2H mitigation is more important than high life, for 2H you almost need to find a point where you can eliminate reflect. Crits are so high that if you skip mitigation you´ll oneshot yourself everytime and it´ll be a nightmare. I´m at 3600 armor, 810 physical res and other AR about 750 with 57k life and 5.6 LS reflect is not a problem. If all reflect at the same time, you spam teddies there and all the teddies crit it´s very likely that you´ll die no matter what stats you´ve.
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Zuni set,Rings and Emp:

Zuni set is bis and required. All the pieces are good and the set bonuses are great.

Boots: Optimum would be High Int/Vit roll with 8% poison dmg and here is a good chance to have pickup radius. Boots like that are cheap and they offer max dps and vitality. What you see me using is expensive garbage. I can only recommend boots like that if you really need the AR and armor. I can´t wait to get rid of those boots and use my pickup boots that give +4k dps and life.

Ring: Pox market is wild. Starting ring is with cc. Medium ring is with vitality and 6cc that´s around 200-300m. Then there´s these high avg dmg rings that offer more dps than weak trifecta rolls, they go for 1b these days. Don´t buy expensive garbage is my advise, like I´ve been looking and every ring that could be an up for me are over 1b and they all give -3k dps or so. Look what you are buying and think twice before buying it. If you want solid trifecta you´ve to camp AH for days,weeks,months with 2b and refresh often. Imo trifecta makes no sense unless you´re playing 2h and want aps around 1.35 and ias from pox is the best way to reach it.

Chest: Once again high Int/Vit roll. You can have that and high armor roll. The difference for 250-300 armor is around 1-1.2b golders. Say after me: Expensive garbage. The only reason to buy a roll like that is if you´re rolling in it and have nothing better to do with those golders. Other expensive garbage is life% and reduced dmg from elites. Then there´s inbetween like a bit lower Int/Vit roll with solid armor roll, these are nice with reasonable price tag.

Helm: Very good and cheap starting helm is with manaregen and high Int. Those with golders can get cc version depending on own budget.

Mojo and other helms for WD has been talked earlier.

Well the ring. SoJ i.e Stone of Jordan. Bis with emp and simply outdamages every ring in the game. Thing about SoJ is that it doesen´t have to be perfect not even close. Get a ring with good price/stats ratio and upgrade it later. I think that the best stat to have here is -cost to zombie charger. 2h running bats/locust build without teddies and you might want to have +% dmg to locust swarm. Atm bat rings are expensive and the need for -bat gear is very questionable. I advise to hold your horses when thinking about bat SoJ.


Efficient mana points include: Max mana,manaregen,mana per kill,mana returns and -resource cost items. Mana is dps. If you neglect emp like paper doctors you end up being totally useless and strugling even on mp8. In a mojo emp>10k dps always, imo that was worth repeating.

For 2h it´s really simple: You get SoJ + full zuni.

For 1h: SoJ,zuni helm or giya, full zuni and a mojo with manaregen and -cost.(In ToTD the frog -cost is not that important as it has max mana and regen as default)

Then the rest is up from your aps.

The more dps you´ve the less emp you need. Don´t get that wrong every doctor needs emp and in most cases as much as I listed on above.
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Builds,Skills and Jumi talk:

Here is three different builds with guides and gameplay videos.

Teddies with CoL, Carnage:


CoB Batman builds:


Fean´s DoT build:



"I need mana" There´s plenty of mana skills and they should be used when you want to play on an MP level that is too high for your dps. If you´ve inflated your sheet dps with ias and have to use several mana skills on a build that´s from nowhere. There´s always a better skill/rune/passive to choose from than mana one.

Haunt: Draining Spirit 20 mana per sec per target, just tag targets. Best to be used with bears as you can tag targets between spamming teddies. Good vs elites.

Locust swarm: Devouring swarm This is unlimited mana in any area that has good creep density. Useless when you need to fight elites head on.

Sacrifice: Pride This one requires dogs. Pride is a solid way to refill your mana. Usually combined with CoL passive. Useless when you need to fight elites head on.

Passives: SA&BR Bloodritual is the king, after 108 the only reason to use spiritual attunement is if you use it with BR however here you waste 2 passive slots.

Passives: VQ&RoE[/i] Vision quest is paired with a primary, 1h users use widow makers and 2h users go with the spider queen. Rush of essence is needed to spam spirit barrage-well of souls and after a while you´ve build yourself around 150 mana regen per sec for a while. SB can be used with CoB builds vs single target elites that are fleeing. Otherwise SB is quite useless.

Spirit walk: Honored guest Hands down the best spirit walk rune when playing with pure bear builds. When I play with CoB or with CoB+bears I always use umbral shock.

There´s even more mana runes on skills but imo they are not worth mentioning and you should always aim to survive without mana skills or to minimize their usage.

Pets: Dogs, here is 2 runes: Life link and Final gift. Dogs are a shield, a very good skill. If you use Zombie handler or JF the dogs are almost immortal and you can have them around always.

Gargantua Also known as Gary the voodoo zombie. Humangoid is a good rune, so is bruiser. Restless giant is cool and you can sometimes reset the cool down by recasting him. Here is somekind of bug/glitch, the recasting doesen´t always reset the CD.

Pets don´t work very well with CoB as they prevent creeps from walking into it and you´ve to reposition yourself a lot.

Horrify: With 2 runes, Stalker for speed which is best to be used when combined with Spirit walk-Jaunt. Jaunt-Stalker = Move it. Frightening aspect for 100% armor, that´s a mad boost and with the new creep density it can be kept up almost always. Horrify should always be used so that you don´t hit the creeps with the fear unless you´re in big trouble, then it works as a panic button.

Grasp of the dead: Sadly with only one good rune, the unbreakable grasp. 60% slow is quite useless. Very nice skill, one of my favourites. This skill has a lot of potential to be buffed with cool runes.

Hex: A very good skill with 2 runes, Jinx and Unstable form. Other runes need work. Angry chicken is for low mp speed running and combined with Jaunt+Stalker.

Other skills are covered in the build guides. In a nutshell the way to play WD is to stack as many buffs and debuffs with damage skills to your build as possible. There´s plenty of skills to use that will patch your weaknesses. I encourage to fool around with different builds, experiment and keeping all doors open when it comes to build diversity.

Jumi Talk:

Nothing is absolute. I stand behind every word I´ve written, yet this is merely my vision on how to play a WD. Comparing sheet dps between classes is pointless. Diablo progress doesen´t work for the WD class at all. Instead of looking at the wallet warriors that are ranked as "top doctors" I took the liberty to show you guys some real top doctors, these guys are solid, study their profiles when you wonder how to evolve your WD and what to upgrade next.






I left out swords,knives and high aps. From Blud´s profile you can see that he´s a veteran WD that has done everything different. He´s played countless of hours with bears and with low aps and now he´s playing with CoB only. Also his gear level is mad. You can´t pull that off without spending over 20b, don´t even try it.

The aps points I talked about are for keeping build diversity, being able to run with every build and using all the dmg skills. With bats these points are not that sacred.

Alternative gear for 1H is to use Tal chest + Tal amulet for 3% fire dmg with zuni dps mojo, once again that is only for a pure CoB build.

Going back to 1H vs 2H, what I said earlier goes for bears.

1H CoB

-Steady damage
-Fast ticks

2H CoB

-Burst damage
-Facetank everything
-More options in build

Difference is marginal and like I said 1H and 2H are both good and viable.

Here is two videos of VoTA with 1H and 2H:

1H with 300k dps 2.14 aps:


2H with 224k dps 1.18 aps:


If for some reason you don´t want to use SoJ then the options are:

-Litany for EHP (very cheap these days)
-Unity for DPS (quite expensive and LoH is useless)
-Solid rare ring with 6cc 50%chd (a lot cheaper than unity)

WD´s greatest strenght has always been on being able to play on high MP levels with a lot cheaper gear than the other classes and with a lot less sheet dps.

"When playing WD after playing the other classes I wonder why I even bother with the other classes" -Blud

108 made WD quite popular, the demand for WD gear caused the gear prices to sky rocket, for example I got my skorn for 200m and now it goes over 1b. Golders don´t grow in trees and making a top WD now is a lot harder than it used to be. New and casual players don´t worry about any of that, don´t worry about golders and don´t worry about the loot just enjoy the class and the game.

"Feels good to spent all those golders and get back to farming" -Andymachine

My profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jumbasa-2925/hero/15726227
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Insane amount of info =)


PS: Just to add more "tank/effective" info i found this someday


Its pretty solid but the problem is the dmg, ofc.
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Liked and bookmarked jumbasa. Wish I had this thread when i started. Would have saved me blowing my hard earned gold on some mistakes.
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Yeah xD haha

Im still lost, i followed exia's wd and i liked that build, but im not fan of tank/slow killing, i came back to bears i do kinda well in mp6/7, but this guide will help me a lot on my new path haha
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Jumbasa, i commend you on the time and effort with your writeup
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Jumbasa, you put out a lot of useful information, and I agree with most things you say, and I'm sure for those that need the advice, they will be very grateful.

The two things I like least about what you said was the SoJ requirement (you're giving away your European roots in this statement, as many US WDs do not like SoJs like they all seem to in Europe) and the pickup radius build you recommend (which I will call Raki's build which is what most of us on this board know it as).

My gripe about the SoJ, esp. for a Skorn user, is that there are two mana skills on that ring most WDs don't need, and as far as the 30% elite damage goes, this is more like a 6% advantage compared to another high damage ring. So I don't think Skorn wielders should use it as a matter of course, unless to support a particular build, or for lack of owning a better ring.

As far as Raki's build being some standard that a WD should be able to run, I have to disagree with you. He kept saying over and over again that people should not be afraid of putting a lot of attack speed into his build. Also, the fact that the build does need 14+ pickup radius (some run it with over 30 feet claiming it is more efficient) doesn't make it in my mind a standard to shoot for.
Non GI builds do not require pickup radius, and you say yourself that attack speed should be limited. So I don't understand why this build is your standard to judge the "quality" of a WD.

Anyway, take these statements as a difference of opinion, but overall I think you did a good job and I will link this up in our sticky guide soon.
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That is carnage build not Raki´s. Raki´s build is with pride, death is life and some other mana skills. His build is for players that have stacked too much ias my build is for my players that want to use all the damage skills and have geared for solid damage instead of paper dps. The build is a meter for a versatile WD.

Raki made a video where it took over 1min to kill an easy elite pack. I made several videos with carnage build killing hard packs in less than 20s.

05/27/2013 01:07 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
Also, the fact that the build does need 14+ pickup radius (some run it with over 30 feet claiming it is more efficient) doesn't make it in my mind a standard to shoot for.
I said that the optimum pickup radius is 10-14. You should never go over 14.

05/27/2013 01:07 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
Non GI builds do not require pickup radius,
GI is a mandatory passive. GI and GF are too good not be used. In 108 there´s no such thing as non GI builds.
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Ah Jumbasa, Jumbasa. You know there are always exception to all rules one tries to make about WDs.

I think my Spirit Bears build is as good. Not sure which is better. Depends on the situation.


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Nice write up. I am also a fan of soj's for bear builds in general even if you are running a 1.2 - 1.3 AS weapon. IMO its sorta almost needed with 1.4 AS weapons even if you have help from a mojo, etc. I play around a lot with rings and its sorta like using the ruby in weapon analogy. In general rings other then soj's will kill white trash faster and offer you some ehp and other stats if you need them but if you are running bears + other mana skills a SOJ with bear reduction make a world of difference. Trash may take a few more casts yet the mana mitigation regarding bears is hugely helped especially with 1.4 AS weapons. For many of the other builds soj's IMO are not needed at all especially with COB builds unless the player has mana issues.

As for PUR I like controlling what and when I pick up over the auto feed from 20+ or even 14. To each his own there. I am still trying get in the 7 - 10 range where I like it but thats just me.

As for 2h kills faster the 1h'rs in general that may be true in a run purely due to 1h'rs having to kite a few seconds before running straight in and casting on reflect + affix packs where skorn makes you a tank that can just run in and spam away in general. At least thats with my build setup. As for killing speed I kill general elite packs faster with my 1h + mojo setup then I do with my skorn yet it is somewhat close the huge benefit is the skorn allows me to play brain dead with no cares haha.

Anyway, real nice writeup. Well put together and for many people looking for gears in general you are right on the money and will save many from wasting some precious gold.
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nice write up, agree with most but for me i kill much faster with a 1h setup as opposed to the 2h. its the only reason i don't play with my skorn. well, one of the reasons. i am also a big fan of soj and cant take it off, I've got four in stash that i switch out depending on builds!! the one thing that I've have a different opinion on;

05/27/2013 11:37 AMPosted by Jumbasa
Dots are usable with 2H, pathetic with 1H. 1.08 buffs bats and Cloud of bats will do major dmg with 2H and you can facetank thx to high dmg and LS. Plague bats will be better for 1H but then again bears>plague bats, simply 708% vs 570% and plague bats have a pathetic range and AoE.

i kill much faster with cob and with plague with my 1h vs my skorn so i'm not sure where you got this info from or how you found the difference between them. it may in fact be different for different setups and ive not been able to answer that one myself. if you have a link to that info i'd love to learn from it. the life steal from skorn i can understand

nice post
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+1 man.

the carnage build looks fun :)
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In general a solid approach to Bears gearing that I followed along the way. Some nitpicks:

05/27/2013 01:43 PMPosted by Jumbasa
I said that the optimum pickup radius is 10-14. You should never go over 14.

Statement requires support. And you can't get away with 'empirically I find this is the case', either. There's ample evidence that additional pickup radius is helpful at lower MPs, so in principle someone stacking DPS high enough should benefit from additional PUR even on MP10.

05/27/2013 01:43 PMPosted by Jumbasa
GI is a mandatory passive. GI and GF are too good not be used. In 108 there´s no such thing as non GI builds.

Pretty much, unless we're talking about ubers. This is more the result of gear inflation than patch changes, though. The faster you make stuff die, the more you need GI.

Last point: I find that Pride is consistently better than PtP. There are two reasons for this. One, you'll occasionally screw yourself on mana even with an SoJ, and the damage gained from PtP doesn't cover for the time you waste waiting on Spirit Walk to cycle when you do have mana problems. Two, it's rare that you can carry the 15% bonus on PtP, because Sacrifice is the best trash-clearing skill we have and you want to start mashing it once trash starts dying to rapidly clear out the horde.
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Glad you guys like it, I´ll address the questions and discussion later with better time.

Like I said nothing is absolute and this is merely my take on WD.
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This is pretty awesome :) Read through it, all stuff new WDs should know.

Can you organize it better tho, put in headers and bolden section titles?

Also, you only really need ~150k dps to run mp10, no 200k.
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How you find my budget wd? Don't mind the ruby and tal amulet.. changing my tal once I see a good one.
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run same build
with pesti + cob
be more effective groups :D
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Nice post Jumbasa, I just have one comment to make about a cc pox being the "starting ring". Depending on your existing cc/cd/ias stats, if you're using a 2h setup, from my experience an ias pox could be just as good, but considerably cheaper. For example, on my gear 8ias gives the same dps as 4.5cc, with the int and cd on the pox being the same, but the last time I checked the ias pox is 3-4 times cheaper than cc pox. I know a "starting" cc pox isn't terribly expensive, but for anyone on a budget, they might want to consider ias instead.
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@Jumbasa, good solid guide.

I enjoyed the part about CoL passive used to combo with sacrifice dog-mana. It is an alternative to using GI passive, and has the potential to cross-over to pet builds in the future. For the time being, I still prefer GI to CoL, and the spare active slot to put in MC or BBV.

Also have some views about the Armor / Resistance. The 4000 / 800 came about because of the 10:1 ratio, where we "mouse over" the details we will see the same % reduction in the mouse tooltip. 4000/800 is not 10:1 ratio, that's where Horrify:FA active skill earns a slot. If we stick to that concept, then 3500/700 or 3000/600 with Horrify in the active skill slot will work just as well. How much a WD needs for MP10, will then depend on the factors you have mentioned in your guide -- the LS on weapon, the % mitigation through gears and skills (like BM or JF passive).

Just for your readers, I've about 3250 armor and lowest resist is less than 600, and managed to clear everything at MP10 including Ubers solo. I will target to get 3500 Armor / 650+ AR from gear. Even with these target numbers, I will still need JF passive at MP10 against Siegebreaker.
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