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Proctor and PvP

I'm trying to build a proctor WD for PvP after watched Ender PvP setup in VC tournament.
I think it is really fun to trolling opponent using a lot CC.
My gear setup is designed to running full set Zuni and Blackthorne's Set (I've a Freeze Notched Belt, but the roll is sucks) which I'm currently use.

For me, it is really difficult if the opponent force me to fight in the cathedral since a lot of wall there can block my aiming.
And also mana problem since I'm using 2 big mana spender for attacking.
Can any Witch Doctor shares his experience using similar setup?
I want know how far the build can be pushed in real fight.
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The proc build really needs 3 gear choices to be successful. 4% Chance to Freeze on Belt, 4% Chance to Stun on Gloves, and 1800+ LOH. It really is a LOH build that has CC mixed into it.

Acid Cloud - Acid Rain is the only skill worth using in regards to getting proc's and LOH. What makes it so strong in that regard is while the dmg from Acid Cloud does not stack the LOH/CC proc rates do. On a Hexed Opponent I can go to from nearly dead to Full HP in the time the opponent is Hexed.
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I don't know how far this build can be pushed in a real fight (against ranged opponents) but any WD that has this build is seriously hard to kill since they heal so much, but against this is from a barb's melee perspective.

Another WD healing build that does decent damage would be suicide dogs if you want to try that. Ender is obviously more knowledgeable in WDs than I am.
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I have a ton of high end better than whats in ah proc gear to sell if you are interested.
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I would be curious to look at some of your gear Chuck. More out of curiosity than to actually buy. I have 2 decent Freeze BT Belts and a few good WH freeze belts. Stun gloves to me is the hardest one to find.

Freeze and Stun are the only 2 worth getting. I have tried every proc and they all come up short. Those are the only 2 that actually prevents players from using skills besides CC breakers.

Also, this build is ineffective against DH's and Monk's. Best used against Barbs or WD's with low dodge rates.
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Wizs might be good proctors since they can proc AP from CM to sustain attacks. I want to try a wiz proctor build using the DoT after meteor and RoF as the main sources of procs. What numbers should I shoot for when picking out new gear for this build?

I have 47% CC with a 2-set nat's and I would like to keep my skorn, is 47% good or should it be higher?

What % freeze and stun should I shoot for?

Any advice maintaining ehp on this build while keeping my CD (500%+) and dps (194k) high enough to kill?
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I agree that freeze and stun are the two best cc but blind is also very effective!!!
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Wiz's have terrible proc rates due to Critical Mass. Acid Raid is the only effective proc skill for PvP since it stacks. Only works against Barbs and Shield WD's
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Weasel you are better off using Grasping Chill rune for Blizzard than stacking proc chance. On the note of cm, vs barb I always use snowblast or cold blooded for the increased proc chance as opposed to Sleet Storm.

Today I am going to experiment with some higher damage spells in conjunction with blizzard. Mainly figuring out how to at least get a few kills of iria.
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06/24/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Saltydog
Mainly figuring out how to at least get a few kills of iria.

Try trapping him in doorways and between tombstones, I think storm armor strikes and crits more if your opponent is confined as opposed to in the open. I haven't figured out a way to test it, but luring DHs into confined spaces is the most effective strategy I used.
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06/24/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Saltydog
Mainly figuring out how to at least get a few kills of iria.

Lol, everyone wants my blood these days.
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I have very good dph and a crit thunderstorm (if it doesn't dodge and crits) does about 1/3 of Iria's HP. You cannot simply "outplay" Iria however. Other DHs are not as much of an issue. But with SS fan of knives instant impale with high ehp it is basically impossible. This is assuming he is playing nice (not bunker). I am forced to kite with blizzard but when he rushes it's GG. Calamity is essentially useless with dodge and it really is a suicide technique vs DH imo.

Iria is just an animal I guess.
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06/25/2013 01:50 AMPosted by Saltydog
Calamity is essentially useless with dodge

If you are having trouble with calamity being dodged, I suggest using a WoF teleport combination. WoF cannot be dodged, together with wormhole you can fake a location until SS is over and tele back on them to finish with WoF. Takes some practice to get the timing down, but it is effective versus DHs that standstill while in SS. Still might be a suicide technique vs top DHs because of fan of knives, but it could be useful to get a few kills.

Furthermore, wormhole is not only good offensively but it is the best defensive rune for teleport. If you suspect a SS rush, wormhole to the other side of the map and tele behind an object, SS will run out by the time he catches up to you. However, your escape may only be delaying the inevitable, but it could buy you some time to get some more storm armor shocks in.
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