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Rate the Witch Doctor above you.

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10/10 just for the name ;)

Brings back old memories.
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@Dalek 4.5/10

I feel your pain on being away a long time. I feel like all the equipment you purchased then costed a decent amount, but now you can pretty much upgrade any of your pieces for relatively small amounts of gold. All the stats you are going for though are solid: int/vit/AR/CC/CD
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Seems like the last 4 or 5 guys to post have already been commented on , and the guy above me is a panda in marine armor.

Just going to throw my name into the hat.

* Please keep in mind that most of the gear that I am wearing is for my Bearrage Build , have tried 3 or 4 different bat builds in the last 24 hours and will prob invest in a decent frog offhand , and Tal ra neck if I keep enjoying bats like I am.

* At Ajax , the only thing I can see is that you have a lack of Pickup range for the build you are running. Not a huge deal , but 7 yards would go a long way .

* and another 1k armor wouldn't hurt either.
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Posts: 30

Sorry about that buddy, I also play SC2.


Hope that helps!
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@ berserker

A 1k+ dps black damage knife , I thought they were a myth. I am jelly :(
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@ Buffmoonkins

looks like a perfect balanced wd, way to make it !
all new items must be wise chosen in order to keep the doctor alive


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im new to the wd so im prob not that great at rating other wds but if someone wants to rate me thats be great. :)
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Be gentle! Hahaha
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Be gentle! Hahaha

Be Gentle!? Your WD is about perfect in my opinion. Some CD on your gloves would b nice and not sure if i noticed all resist on alot of your gear. Your skorn is beast
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@Pasco, nice WD man. Maybe craft some more gloves to get the CD roll, more vitality on your marrow maybe.

Im so stuck.

Was thinking i should get rid of my serpent, get string of skulls, drop my pox for DPS rare ring ??

I wana hit 200-220k unbuff without pierce the veil. I just sold my skorn, so not really keen for a skorn build, i know they're good tho.

Any insight to some upgrades for me would be great. I've got a few hundred million to spend on my doc.


edit* @ zZ Eventually you'll really need some life steal or LoH, so look at weapon with that. Keep crafting some gloves and amulets. Braces and Helm are fine for now. You get heaps of DPS from rings, so try and get ones with both CC and CD. You cud prob chuck topaz gems in your chest, so theres an easy extra 150 intell. Some vitality on shoulders too. GL on the build man.
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cool thx mouse, 1 week into my wd an looking for some LS and a better pox to start.. ballin this build on a budget atm, 4mill :/
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That amulet is your weakest link. Try to craft a better one, cuz the price of any good ammy is simply insane.
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^all good zZ, well on that budget keep up the Demonic Essence farming and craft items by the 50's. Skorns are so good for WD, you prob dont even need to worry about including attack speed in your build. just big CC and CD and you can be generous on the mana spending.


*edit: really that amulet bad? pls tell me why, it gives such good dps with that high avg dmg. open to suggestions tho
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@ziglabue, very solid set up. i would think the zuni pox u should take cc over as. and some of your
crafts could use ar. otherwise very impressive.
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Your ammy is nice but a better one can def b crafted, one w some more defensive stats.. Your armur is insane tho 1000k + wow, so i see why your all resist isnt off the charts
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@ Leviathan
You are at a nice starting point but all of your gear could use improvement.
I would start with a lower tier WH or whatever you could afford.
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8.5 out of 10 well rolled WD love all the crafted items. only pieces I could see being upgraded is a more damage on the TOTD, but it would be real pricey, perhaps crafting a Conquest sword with more damage, and Blackthornes with the same armor with a couple of sockets.

OTOH much better equipped than my modest WD. :D
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Great damage (compared to me at least lol). Vile Wards could use an upgrade. The second gem in your legs could be upgraded at least to the next tier. Could try to roll bracers with AR along with crit. I haven't been back too long, but I'm not sure if thorns stats are valuable enough. Maybe try for some more Armor I know I've been struggling to get more armor too (closer to 4k). Love your neck.
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