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Rate the Archon Wizard above you

Sorry CM wiz, Archon wizard only. :P
So yeah, rate the wizard that is an Archon above your next post.

#1) What you think their top 3 best item is
#2) Any nice comments
#3) Any suggestions/improvements
#4) ???
#5) Profit

edit: make sure you're profile isn't standing in buffs
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1) That ammy would be so good if it had been an Int roll instead of vit. It's still pretty good though. Too bad LoH Is so bad for Archon. WH is super high dps, and the gloves are pretty nice. It's so hard to craft decent gloves, as I'm finding.

2) You can probably use some extra armor and/or resists to let you run higher MP when you raise your dps a bit. You can probably also swap the vit gems in pants for Int if you're not pushing MP too high (like MP6 or lower). You could also try getting a more useful SoJ, if there's a spectral blades one, but I can't remember to be honest. I've never looked for SB stuff.

3) Try FN over Blizzard for time outside of Archon. It's pretty good CC if you can refresh it fast enough.

My profile is just self buffs with Scoundrel if that matters.
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And i'll kick off the rating


1) Top three items
Crafted Bracers

2) Nice comments
Well balanced archon
Skill build looks pretty fun to play :D

3) Suggestions/Improvements
Armour and all resists could be worked on a little - keep crafting bracers and see if you can land one with similar stats AND all resist. Also the Zuni boots could grab some AR too at some stage
Don't know the numbers but if you switched your amethyst in the pants to the helm does that give you higher vitality?

How do you fare against reflect damage with just blood magic? Maybe consider a LS sword and switch blood magic rune to MOAR damage

Overall - 7.5/10

EDIT: Still new to rating other archons - please be nice :D
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1. Your gear is so much better than mine. (I'm poor). Nice sword. Nice amulet. Nice rings. Nice bracers too.

2. I feel like I've seen swords with more DPS that still have the socket/CD/LS/Int. When you find an upgrade you should let me "borrow" your old one. :)

I could use some constructive criticism. My budget is only 30 mil. Should I save up for a better weapon?
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Don't think im qualified enough to rate anybody's lol, but i really like mine to be rated. Like to know how am i doing so far with the pieces i've put together for a bit less than 15m (well excluding the sword, which i have to give my thanks to generalhan :D) and what should i be working on now.
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1) Top three items
Mempo of Twilight
Zunimassa's Pox

2) Nice comments
I'm guessing you're not into perma-archon with the frost nova and lack of galvanizing wards.

3) Suggestions/Improvements
Since you have a black weapon, time to grab a badass Trim and boost that dps! Not sure what runs you normally do, could check out Maximus or Immortal Build for Enchantress.

4) Jellin ?
Yup I need to upgrade my helm.

5) Profit
Not enough mineral

1) Top three items
The Witching Hour
Echoing Fury
Gloves ?

2) Nice comments
Hail brother Archon, good luck on building yours!

3) Suggestions/Improvements
I think you should focus on your armors and jewelries at the moment. Get the extra 12% movement from either a Lacuni or Inna's Pants (Suggest Inna's Pants since you can craft some sick bracer now). Need not worry about the health loss losing your pants, the two extra socket could add amethyst (or topaz once your other gears are more stable yet still gaining dps). Replace Zunimassa's Marrow with a Tal Rasha 9% you'll get a exponential boost. I see you use Prismatic Armor, not a good trade off with Glass Cannon. Could switch to Shocking Aspect for more DPS or Pinpoint for Armor and Crit, or use another passive. Yours rings are good for now, I think you'll need the all res, but you should try getting to that after you upgraded your other pieces. Hope I was of help.

4) Jellin ?
Still need to upgrade my helm.

5) Profit
Not enough mineral
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05/27/2013 01:39 AMPosted by Kira
Don't think im qualified enough to rate anybody's lol

Take a shot. Looking at other peoples builds in these threads is how I got where I am

might stick to my rules :P

1) Weapon is pretty good. Did you craft it or buy? That Zuni chest is solid and that witching hour o_0
2) overall quite nice
3) it looks like you're stacking strength but dexterity is a better defensive stat. 500 dex = 20% dodge which is a massive eHP boost. also get a unity ring with high min-max damage and the same for your Zuni ring. anything that adds min-max damage is massive when you have a 666 triumvarat 8% zunis and a 6% Tal's ammy
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05/27/2013 01:04 AMPosted by Generalhan
How do you fare against reflect damage with just blood magic? Maybe consider a LS sword and switch blood magic rune to MOAR damage

I only have blood magic because I have no life regen anymore (andariel's and vile wards where my only source) and I drop archon for healing blades against reflect mobs. If I had a similar life steal weapon I would run living lightning for my CM refresh and MOAR power magic weapon rune ;)
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@ regent

You use a Andy so 10/10 :D

A good unity will out dps your rare ring.

Other then that looking good.

im on my phone so cant see your stats on all your gear
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16k hp rly????????
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Everyones gear is awesome... I just started wiz and love archon. I just dropped some gold on this guy, how am I doing so far?
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redman,, you're on a good start. tal helm and 3 zuni piece, you're ehp archon with decent dps. yes going for above and beyond will need more gold but you're on a right track :D

although your hp could use a bit more

also, don't use shocking aspect for archon, it procs it badly. if you want, go with thunderstorm or energy armor/pinpoint :D
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So i get to rate pich :D

What more can I say .. superb set with a great personality to go with it! 10/10!

P.S: craft that GG bracers & shoulders will you? :P
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you know i still am trying to no avail. a lot of high dps ones but no all resist or vit so no go there.

do not rate me next poster. rate xfactor ty
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@XFactor Your Wizard is my reference of how to gear up and improve my Archon Wizard. Thanks for the great advice you gave me on your thread :)
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1) nice EF and Zuni pox!
2) Really nice Wiz overall, damage is great.
3) uhh not really qualified to advise on improvements, nothing stands out that wouldnt cost a lot of gold.

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1) Nice Zuni pox and Tal Rasha Ammy.

2) Need a little more life

3) I think your Inna pants can be improved. Maybe instead of int/vit, get a 180+ vit version.
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1) Awesome Mempo, Pox and WH.

2) Excellent wizard. Can only get better.

3)Try to aim for 45-50k HP with 85% mit and above unbuffed. Craft shoulders (high end and correct stat rolls beats VW anyday) and bracers (try to get armor roll instead of lightning resist). The rest of the items will be upgraded I'm sure.
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@ Celanian

1) great rings
2) great looking wiz
3) living lightning can bring up achron much faster than forked lighting.
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1) Digging the shoulders. Nice mini-Vile Ward with the higher int, though less armor.

2) You're on the right path.

3) Definitely invest in a better weapon because all your stats essentially pump DPS based on your weapon. Once you get a real sweet one, then focus on maximizing each individual gear piece bit by bit.
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