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Just starting into high level gear with my wizard after finding so many with my DH. My first thought was 'Why a sword?,' until I saw the AS & socket! How does the 44% CC help in play? Are the odds more in your favor or not?

I am debating on CM, but after reading so many posts of nerfs I am trying to build without it BUT still being able to use it effectively if it stays viable.

CC is good for 2 things

1. The obvious one -> helps with DPS. (although my DPS is really low compare to others here)
2. CC helps with Critical Mass passive -> less cool down for skills -> Arcone and Nova.

I don't think CC will ever be useless, they will probably nerf how CM works but CC + CD is still most effective way to increase DPS.
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@ dboy
top three items:
1. those crafted shoulders are amazing.
2. crafted bracers are good too.
3. Nice fury.

nice dex, whats your block percent. Dex is something I overlooked; 20-25% dodge seems like it would be crucial in hardcore.

How do you handle reflect packs with just blood magic? I kill myself quite a bit in sc , I would be terrified in hc.

I give you about a 8.7/10. I haven't seen many hardcore wizards on your level.
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Thanks, MP4 is the max I'll play with this setup. I was chasing DPS in HC and had a few scary moments. Now I'm trying to work on my defense - 1200+ RA/6300 Armor in Archon form. With this and low dps (165K buffed), reflect is not really a concern anymore.
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Would love to be rated as I am trying to figure out my next upgrade. Though keep in mind I play HC. Thank you very much.
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Top Three:
- Shoulders (crafted)
- Ammy (crafted)
- Ice Climbers

I haven't played Archon on HC but here are my thoughts... For your next upgrade I would look to switch out that weapon. Even if it isn't a legendary, a 1H w/ Life Steal, 1000dps, and Min/Max damage will allow you take a beating and not worry about escape tactics on lower MPs. With a LS around 4% and a DPS above 150k you should breeze through MP1-2. Once you can do that, because you have a high CC (>40) you can try to incorporate CM into your build to get back into Archon quicker to take advantage of your new DPS and survivability when in Archon.

Edit: 6.5/10
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missed my rating...
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well, what can I say, I envy you, pretty much perfect setup with no obvious weakness :)

missed my rating :(
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Top Three:
- Triumvirate, that's awesome INT and VIT.
- Witching Hour with AR
- Tal's chest with Amour

You're building a nice Wiz there, You've got all the right gear, now you just need to work on upgrading each piece. Try to get a pox with IAS and Av Damage and improve the CC/CD/INT on everything else. A big improvement would be a weapon with CD/OS as well.
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wtf cant quote, sais invalid HTML

anyways Lardalot you get a 7/10 from me.

Best items:
crafted gloves
crafted bracer

I dont see how you like that weapon without lifesteal, especialy with kinda low AR I would think RD will destroy you in a split second.

I would def get a lifesteal sword and try to get a tal chest with AR/armor or armor/200+vit
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LOL Sorry, I know HOW it works. I meant to ask how the overall 44% plays. Do you see your crits around that percentage, or is it more or less frequent. My DH was around 160k with CD & SS, but I rarely ever hit for that amount - anywhere from 3-10k white dmg. My crits though could hit for around 500k. Archon is awesome: I use it, but until I can gear effectively, it's for mass mobs and when I need an emergency escape. That's why this thread is great.
Missed my rate.
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You look like you have a good start there. try to get 200+ int trium and 100+ int zuni boots first since they sell for pretty cheap.
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looks like a sns set that got converted to archon :) I'd change the weapon up, drop the ias for some int. everything else looks rock solid. 9/10

btw: 3rd time posting in the thread, hope to get rated this time (in need of advice :)
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Posts: 226

Looks solid. You could definitely benefit from average damage rolls on all your jewelry but it will cost you.

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I know i suk so i won't rate no one.
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@ Deathblow:

C'mon man, it's all about continual improvement!

#1) Nice shoulders and bracer crafting!
#2) You actually have constructed a nice wiz with decent DPS.
3) Suggested improvements: I'm light on armor, but dude, you are way too light - get some armor and All Resist. You say you suk so I'll take it you die a lot. Suggest you also get 35-40 k HP.

This is an Archon thread, so unless you go both ways (Archon and CM) then you don't need the APOC so you can get a new Triumv that will crank up your DPS. Switching out some gears with less intelligence and more All Resist and/or Armor can be made up with a new Triumvirate (e.g., another ~100 intelligence) and a Zuni Pox ring (+130 intelligence). The Wizard Guides at the top of the forum can really give you some direction.
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1) gg mempo

2)I love your wards

3)great necklace like mine

get a better zunni boots I think. w/ higher vit
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@ lemski07

no archon bud.
you have a nice start for one though.
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Nice setup, imo you can do it without glass cannon.

Top 3 items imo is your
Mempo, Tal Chest and Zuni ring really nice.
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Nice setup, imo you can do it without glass cannon.

Top 3 items imo is your
Mempo, Tal Chest and Zuni ring really nice

ya but I go so much faster with it, I have a rare ring that adds about 50k dps over my nats ring and zuni boots with 179int 145vit 77 all res. but am trying out a nats set for the extra cc something about being in archon with 70% cc just appeals to me. especially @ 500k dps
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