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Rate the Archon Wizard above you

#1) Amulet, Weapon, Mempo

#2) Looks like a very solid Archon. Awesome DPS and EHP.

#3) Not much can be done. Maybe get a Mempo with 9 IAS and a Triumvirate with 6/6/6?
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hi guys, how can i improve my dps here
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I have nothing bad to say, very nice wiz. Any upgrade would be crazy expensive. Good job.
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Nice, 9/10. Easiest upgrade would be shoulders
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@shaymous 9/10 - everything very good just need that life steal on weapon
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@Mutiny, 7/10 no trirumvirate?????
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adding triumvirate will not increase my dps much at all and with skorn you get more life steal; therefore, adding to more survivability
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hmm, i dunno about that, you sure your wep was non elemental?

the +17% elemental damage gave me +15k dps on my black wep.

the thing with life steal is that even 1.5% life steal is enough for archon (unless you really want stand in plague/descrator and tank everything)

This is why some of the top archons don't even have lifesteal on their weps, and just use blood magic.
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@Bane, you and I are about the same in DPS. I recently switched over to Archon so I'm no expert but like me more attack speed would be helpful. I think you should find a higher damage Triumvirate. Of course your damage will go up quite a bit once your done leveling and toss the hellfire ring too. The Tal Rasha's Allegiance could use an upgrade to one with more CC as well.

Man I would love to hit 600K like some here. I just need about 50 billion and shop 3rd party cause items in some of those profiles you never see on the auction house.
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@cross your clearly doing something right if your life is 67k and you got 45.5% crit hit so keep up the good work mate. is energy twister really the way to go as a primary move?
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I keep looking at all of these profiles and do not think I have seen any CM Archons. Also, am I the only one that uses Chants/Zuni sets? Do you guys just play at an MP level where everything is obliterated before it gets to you?
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I face roll mp10 in archon solo or group. especially with the new buff!!!
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Energy twister - yeah, I tend to beat out other archons in public play when trying to reset the archon ability. Specially with blobs about. Though I haven't experimented with other forms of proc heavy primaries. The twister lets me almost perma run the diamond skin which is nice when things get harry.

If I ran other than act one I would switch as I would probably spend more time trying to reset than doing damage.
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@BigMike Things look good, you can probably craft better gloves and shoulders,but overall everything looks pretty good. Do you find you survive well enough without life steal and without obscene amounts of damage like some of the people who can get away without it.
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1: I like Zunnimassa's Morrow and Ring. Another nice item is your source.
2: It seems you are going in the right direction!!
3:I would suggest upgrading your gems and getting a weapon with a socket, it doesn't have to have the marq emerald but a radiant star would do wonders for your DPS. Along with the topaz gems. Your gloves need to be worked on by either crafting or looking on the AH, along with the rare ring. If you are going to do rare pants, although yours has very good stats, i would look at ones with vit also.

Keep up the great work!
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Hi NoSoupf0u,

You have an amazing shoulders and ammy. You must have the best luck crafting, because I have crafted lots and am not getting anything near as good as you. How many tries did those take????

I would suggest that you use force weapon rather than blood weapon. You have ls on your weapon already, so that should be enough ls.
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#1) What you think their top 3 best item is
source, chest and ammy
#2) Any nice comments
really nice source, crazy hp 85k @ para 100, standard archon build. Noticed lots of your stuff didn't have vit on it but your pants got crazy hp on it. I imagine its way cheaper and I'm taking notes :)

#3) Any suggestions/improvements
maybe weapon upgrade

9.9/10 well done
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#1) sword, pox, lacunis

#2) You have a solid wizard with good hp and resistances.

#3) Get better gems in your pants; a better witching hour would also be cheap, but you propably loose the pickup radius; your trium cries to be upgraded, get one with 6/6/6 and a socket or high int

My profile on eu server: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Balkoth-2815/hero/126963
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You could possibly switch out your weapon and offhand to something with lifesteal and more crit dmg.

That ammy is sweet.

Aviendha - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ghost-12920/hero/12465418

edit - "Get better gems in your pants." hehehe
Edited by ghost#12920 on 9/8/2013 2:31 PM PDT
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