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Name the next upgrade for the Barb above you!

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Im new, What should i upgrade?
@kwolf, probably a weapon with life steal
@zhong Maybe a Spear with strength?
@Po10chill a -hota SOJ with high elite damage
@ gooball

Well... Hard to say, so... A Str Inna's Pants.

Maybe u could upgrade ur unity ring to a solid rare ring

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Maybe u could upgrade ur unity ring to a solid rare ring


I guess maybe you could craft an amulet upgrade, that'd be about it though :O

craft glove and manybe get a mace/axe for 10cc

ps is sword really that good on mh?


changing my inna to str/vit or change to another pants?
I cant get a nice ice climber like yrs
so I think my built and item best will be with inna :)
thinking of changing to a str/vit. bt that cos afew bil (a good 1)
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Innas.......Got to go. Everytime I see a pair I want to cry. There just horrible
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@ bigballer

cant see anything on you worth upgrading.

inna's are nice, not horrible! theyre good for people who cant afford ice climbers like ones you have. also, those depth diggers are amazingly high end, theyre out of reach for most as well. your whole set is nuts, maybe you can afford to drop innas but not everyone.

Your barb is lookin pretty good imo! If I had to suggest an upgrade I would think about looking for a MH with better APS, maybe a sword or axe with similar stats (or ls vice vit if you could use it). Won't be cheap though!

*edit* Of course I'm assuming you would know to switch your EF to MH in that case ;)
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DcTucsonan, very nice baba dude. only thing I can think of is maybe trying to craft some trifecta gloves with vit...seems the only upgrades would be getting more vit.

edit* my dps should be around 250ish
@ Thanos

I think you should upgrade your IK chest. you can buy an IK chest with 150+ str 150+ vit for < 50mill especially if u look for like 120-140 vit u can buy them real cheap.
@ Kritt

WTF are you using a zuni trail for? 2/10 would not look again.

Get some ice climbers brudda.

work on crafting a better amulet check mine out took about 80 or so tries im sure u can craft better than your current one pretty easily. that or start upping your gems
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i donno i alwasy thought zuns trail was higher dps
@Kritt i'd personally go for bracers again to get the AR also craft more shoulders and get high stat ik chest.
@ Franki:

Geez, hard to find an upgrade. Try dropping bloodthirst for beserker rage or rutheless. If that doesn't work straight up, try an IK belt (for the 3% LS) and trade your rare ring for a quadfecta to keep your IAS.

Only other thing I can think of is a cold SOJ.
@Pants you are a work in progress but balanced try to up your armor to take less damage rather than maximize vit.

Cornilia is purpose built without socketed weps.
I'm no expert here, but looks like the rings are the next pieces to upgrade for more strength.
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