Diablo® III

Quit D3 now what other game is there to play?

Well go play Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory its free to dl and free to play LOL
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Quitting Diablo for a fps? Interesting.

You're telling me that you could be spending your time doing things like having sex and enjoying the company of another human being that shares a mutual affection with you but instead you want to spend time in a virtual world? You might want to get that checked out.

Spoken like a true virgin.

Exactly. It really wasn't that long ago when video games were considered a huge waste of time by everyone and the only people who played them were little kids and losers. Now they're widely played by tons of different people, meaning, that there are a whole lot more losers today than there were 10 years ago.
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Neverwinter (F2P)
Marvel Heroes (launch tomorrow)
Rift (just went F2P)
Torchlight 2
Path of Exile (F2P)

I don't know too much about first person shooters (they give me motion sickness), but I heard Borderlands 2 is very good.

If you like RPGs, The Walking Dead Game (by Telltale games, not Activision's) is excellent. There's also the Witcher series, with Witcher 3 coming out next year.

Tomb Raider is also very good.

And Sylak is right. This should've been posted here:

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Try Path of Exile. It's free to Download and Free to Play.
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The witcher games are great. I liked the first one better, but the graphics and combat aren't up to today's standard. It's tough to go back to old graphics. The story and immersive environments in both are some of the best ever.

GTA4 is fun for a change of pace. Great characters and voice acting, incredibly detailed maps and environments. It's just a shooter/driver game but real quality work. Good for laughs too.
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Play Diablo II
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This looks pretty awesome OP :)
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Can i have your stuff :), hehehe kidding
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Why must you people "quit" a game?
Maybe you aren't having fun because you act like it's a job, and an obligation to play?

Games get old after a while,

Im playing WoW i guess till D3 comes out on PS3, then will try that for a bit and see what its like. If OP likes battlefield, then go do it... supposed to be havin fun ... heck if cow tipping is funner, go do that...
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marvel hero's free to play, massive content, massive amount of different character types, way more skills then diablo and every skill is a usable build... 60+ years of back story lore per character = Rip Diablo
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Grim dawn's awesome but only in alpha
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Only viable options that I can think of are Torchlight 2 and Skyrim...
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farcry 3
bioshock infinite
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grim dawn :P!
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If you like RPG I highly recommend you Path Of Exile (https://www.pathofexile.com). You will see how Diablo should look like not like this CoD like RPG. That game is still in beta but it looks and plays better than D3.
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take a trip to the pirat*cough*ay u should
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Planetside 2 >>>awesome sauce and its free
Better then bf3, but u need a good pc, somewhat
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Why must you people "quit" a game?
Maybe you aren't having fun because you act like it's a job, and an obligation to play?

All games are a ymmv thing, once they're no longer fun, it's time to move on. But I agree there are some people that engage gaming like a job, which is ok as long as that person is making real $$$ dollars at it -> e-sports. Otherwise they should seriously think about taking up another hobby: tropical fish, paint by numbers... something interesting where they stop feeling like it's work.

Quitting Diablo for a fps? Interesting.

I quit and out of desperation tried a fps, I had to be desperate because I don't like fps.

TL2 had too much loot, PoE wasn't simple enough, don't get me wrong, both are good games. But they lacked the loot hunt.

Borderlands 2 can be a game that delivers that loot hunt imo. And frankly I'm surprised how fun it can be, depending on where you are in the gear check. Here's a vid with one of the better players who has most of the best gear and he makes it look too easy. Quite a number of players complain about the highest difficulty being too difficult.

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