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[Craft] - Legendary Amulet Idea

Hi guys !
I would like to share with you an idea/suggestion about crafting and introducing a legendary amulet in Diablo 3. Be prepare to read this giant text =D
First, I thought about the legendary ring that Bli² introduced a few months ago. This ring was an opportunity to stop with act 3 runs we did all day long, and to bring us something fresh : keys and ubbers!
I think it’s very important to diversify activities in a game like Diablo and this ring allowed this in a very good way.

So I thought : it would be very nice to get a new target, but maybe this time only for high end players like paragon 100 players (we’ll see why later!)
So, here we are, with a legendary amulet suggestion! Now we want to know : who is able to get it, how and what stats could she have ?

To imagine who could get it I started to ask myself a simple question : who are the players who need an objective or something to do, more than the others ? I think it’s Paragon 100 players.
Why paragon 100 players ? in my opinion, they have less motivation than others players because they can’t up anymore their level, mf and gf. So they just can do runs and runs hoping to find a legendary item and that’s all for them.
If they had a new target, a very powerful item they could win, I think all would be different!

So now, we could imagine this : a legendary amulet we could craft, account linked of course.
This amulet could be wearable by all sort of lvl 60 characters BUT you could NOT learn if you wouldn’t be lvl 100 paragon.
Exemple 1, I have a lvl 100 paragon, I learn the recipe and all my 60 rerolls can equip it.
Exemple 2, I have many lvl 60 characters but no one is 100 paragon => I can’t learn the recipe for the moment.

Now, how could we get the recipe to learn this awesome amulet ?
I think it could be fun to introduce something in the poneys level!
By exemple, some pieces like keys for the ring we could pick in acts 1/2/3/4 to invoke a big poney in the poneys level, who could loot the plan for amulet.
When I say “big poney” I talk about a mega boss would be insane and very hard to defeat. Something you kill and you say after it “god, I really deserved my amulet’s plan !!!”
It’s an exemple, I hope you would help me to suggest others options to get the plan ^^

Now we have defeat the boss or whatever, we have our amulet’s plan, we are lvl 100 paragon and we want to get our amulet!
So we pay xxx gold to learn and craft it but we are not very satisfied of stats. And then I thougt : if we could choose stats we want to have on the amulet ??
Imagine this : you are a big wizard, you have a lot of speed attack but not much critical strike and you want your legendary amulet to have this stat. I suggest that you could choose “critical strike” to be sure you’ll have it.
By exemple, you could click on the button to craft the amulet (dext,str,int or vit) and you could get a new panel with arrows which allow you to choose your stats.

Don’t worry, It wouldn’t be so simple! At start, you could NOT choose stats.
I’ve imagined a system where you could loot the properties! Like gems plans.
By exemple, you could have a chance to loot a plan with ONE property (all resists, cc, as, …) only on MP10 elites, with a very little chance to get it. It has to be rare and account linked so players can’t get it easily.
So we could loot the “attack speed” property, we pay 500M gold or whatever and now, when we try to craft the amulet, instead to have => +[200-250] dext and + 6 random magic properties we have the choice to have => +[200-250] dext, + [5-9]%AS and+ 5 random magic properties!
At the end if you got all existing properties for amulet, you can choose to have random property OR a properties you won!
As you can see, my suggestion is to propose this system without allowing players to sell properties plans, and to force them to be in MP10.
It has to be something very, very, very difficult to get. A true legendary item that requires a lot of passion, efforts and emotions to win!

We are close to the end of my idea and now I’m sure you think, even if you can choose your stats, I could pay 2B gold and get something similar on AH.
You are right, but I also imagined a last statistic, a stat you could never find in ah!
I have an exemple (again ^^) : +x% movement speed, +x% mf like + [100-300]% mf which would not count in the mf cap! (same idea for movement speed) and why not these two stats in the same time?!
Of course, I expect you to suggest an idea of awesome stat!!

So here we are, I told you all I had in mind!
The global idea is to have an awesome amulet but veryyyyyyyy hard to get. Something truly epic!!!
Thank you very much for reading this. I really hope you’ll enjoy my idea and you’ll help me to maybe turn this into reality !

PS : Sorry if my English is not always very good, I did my best ;)
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ok why mp10 para 100? I can understand the initial recipe but the "+ to X stat plan" could be looted from boss level mobs at say a 0.01% before adding MF this way you can aquire the pieces for the perfect item as you level but only after you reach 60 can you craft the desired item.
just a thought
but over all I like the idea

still working towards 60 +1

so whatevs I like the idea
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