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Anyone else quitting to play Marvel Heroes on June 4th?

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06/01/2013 04:54 PMPosted by Time2Kill
I have gotten a Guardian fighter, and a rouge to 60. and now working on a cleric who is 45. and not once have i used the AH. Games are only a money sink if you sink money into them. Neverwinter is a fricken blast to play. And if they make money off the chumps who dump money in the game, it makes no dif to me. It doesn't affect my gameplay in the least.

I have a trickster rogue at 60. I'm working on a devoted cleric (40), control wizard (26) and great weapons fighter (20).

And sure, you can get to level cap without spending any money. But you will not have the best: the fastest mounts, the best companions, etc. You'll also be gimped on space: only 16 bank slots and 3 inventory bags per character. And you'll have to rely on the RNG to get profession tools in order to craft top tier gear. Plus, like I said, there's all the other quality of life stuff: respec'ing, teleporting (there's no hearthing in Neverwinter), resurrection scrolls, additional companion slots, etc.

And if you want more than two character slots, you'll have to spend money.

Finally, there's all those enchanted boxes that drop all over the place that you can only open with enchanted keys--that you can only purchase with zen from the cash shop. Yeah, I know those are Neverwinter's version of gambling. And, no, I haven't succumbed. Fortunately, I'm too cheap to gamble.

I ended up paying for additional storage (runestones take up a LOT of space) for ONE character (if you want it for more characters, you have to buy more) and two additional character spaces. Oh, and I bought a respec token when I goobered up my cleric's spec. Unfortunately, I'll also have to respec my rogue (first character when I didn't know respecs cost money). Storage and respecs may be quality of life, but not having them makes playing very miserable.

Anyway, despite all this, I'm still enjoying the game. Which, I suppose, says how good a game it is that I'm able to ignore the annoyance of Perfect World's cash grab and just play. At least for now.
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Ill be playing Cyclops tomorrow. I won't be quitting D3 because it's just too awesome, and WAY better than MH.
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No more d3 for me.

PoE and MH all the way :-)
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