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For those of you who craft

i have more than 1k essence saved up, because every time i start to use it i go completely broke and dont get anything out of it. 500+ rolls of amulets and gloves, and only 5 or 6 with cc/cd combo and otherwise horrible stats, no trifectas, no cc/cd/dmg combos either
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I am still leveling paragons so I craft after every level.
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I'm poor and everytime I burn them all I end up with no gold and crappy gear. I'm saving them up for later, but right now AH gives way more bang for my buck. So yeah, hundreds in the bank.
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When I Get near the 200s i will craft, or if I'm getting brims and see I can make more than 100 of something
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Man, I just keep one DE in my vault so I don't have to constantly adjust their position on the page and then I craft every 10 or so. I don't know how you guys can hold on to so many at once.
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I start crafting when I collected 20-30 DE. Tried 50 & 100 all at once but didn't work out well.

I think it's just like getting lottery ticket. You will win if you are lucky even you only buy one ticket. Same rule apply to here, quite a few nice crafted item of mine come within 5 crafts. RND is RND!! Also, I hate the feeling when I got nothing after crafting 100 times all at once.

My strategy is "Times" > "Quantity"
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I normally do warriors rest runs until I get 30-40 craft and do-over.
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I usually do about 30 at a time. enough to fill my inventory for gloves and then I farm another 30 but I usually can't resist past 50 DE before I get the urge to craft.
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I have over 1.2k+
What should I be crafting?
My monk really wants to push 200k +
She told me so herself.
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i love to craft, i keep 100 - 200 DE all the time

i have a question for the blues, i asked this a few days ago on the crafting forum and have not gotten any response
why do flesh rippers not have a built in mana regen mod on them, since mana regen is the biggest problem that a WD has (the mana regen really needs a character built in boost)
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I was crafting everything I had and never had more than 20. My last run of crafting I had 10 DE and on my last DE I rolled some nice gloves for my wiz (see below).

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I cant get past 10 lol but I think after reading this post I'm gonna start saving and maybe craft once a week. I just can never find very many which is odd cause I swear 2 months ago when i wasn't crafting they were like in every drop lol. Guess thats how it goes..
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id save up 20 de and do 5 gloves, 5 amulets, 5 bracers, 5 shoulders... and have been really lucky (on hc)
it is all luck but ive had nothing but mediocre stuff when crafting a bunch of one thing.
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