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The Frostburn Wizard Build (Sleet Storm)

I build my wizard around archon gears. Archon is very viable in lower MPs and in higher MP, it is more of a challenge.

Nothing beats CM wizard in high MP.

However, I do not want to make a traditional CM wizard, and I don't want to play with SNS wizard either.

So it occurred to me, why not use my archon gears to build a 100% cold wizard?

The Frostburn Wizard
Here is the build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZgXYfl!hWg!YZcccZ

I call it "The Frostburn Wizard".

This build is effective in high MP and it is visually appealing as well.

It is a build that makes frostburn gloves shine. You might see a lower DPS on your DPS sheet but on field test, you will be amazed at how much damage a 30% frostburn gives you.

You do not have to use frostburn but give it a shot. It gives frostburn gloves a purpose.

Skill Execution

This build you will want to get yourself surrounded by lots of monsters. Don't worry. A cold wizard do not fear the heat of a battle.

1. Lure a big crowd of monsters and once you have gotten a decent pack grouped up, go forward and meet this pack.

2. Cast Slow Time (right click) on the pack.

3. Hit 4 and drop blizzard on the monsters.

4. Move into close proximity with the monster and cast Ray of Frost on 1 of the monsters.

5. Spam the keys 1 + 2 + 3 while holding down your left mouse button.

P.S. Cast slow time + blizzard to always keep them up.

P.S.S. You do not have to follow this sequence cos ultimately, it is personal preference on how skills are to be used.

Crowd Control Abilities
This build have great crowd control abilities. There are multiple skills that freezes monsters namely:

Frost Nova + Bone Chill: Bone chill mainly for more damage. You can switch to another passive.

Ice Armor + Frozen Storm: Ice armor is great because when a melee hits you, there is a chance to be frozen.

The frozen storm rune allows you to build a whirling storm around you that does 30% damage. With cold blooded and bone chill, it ensures monsters are always chilled.

Blizzard + Frozen Solid: Frozen solid gives you a 20% chance to freeze the enemies for 3 seconds.

Life steal vs Life on Hit
This build in contrast, does not rely much on LOH. Instead it heavily relies on life steal.

Afterall, it was built with archon gears which largely benefit from lifesteal.

The reason why lifesteal works better is because "Ray of Frost -> Sleet Storm" proc better with lifesteal (in fact, lifesteal always proc). You will regain your life way faster than LOH.

Attack Per Second (APS)
If you have not noticed, 2 (Ice armor + Blizzard) of the 3 skills listed in this build allows you to freeze the enemies without you having to do anything.

Because of this, you do not need 2.72 APS like the traditional CM wizard for this build.

I am running with 1.60 APS and doing perfectly fine in MP 10.

Of course, more APS is always better and it is something that I will work on as I upgrade my wizard gears.

Arcane Power on Critical (APOC)
As this build uses archon gears, it generally do not have high APS. This makes APOC very critical in this build.

I recommend having at least 16 APOC on your gears.

Having more APOC is always better or you will run into situations (more frequently) that you need to kite on and off for arcane power to regen back.

Archon Gears
Let us look at the gears used.

The following are the main items for the frostburn wizard:

Helm: Stormcrow - Mainly for it's APOC and overall great stats. Get 1 with critical chance so Critical Mass proc more frequently.

Offhand: Triumvirate - Get one with APOC.

Mainhand: Sword / Wand / Axe / Dagger - Preferably high attack speed weapon lifesteal weapon. Chantodo Will is not viable as having a lifesteal Chantodo sacrifice too much DPS. I use an axe with 3% lifesteal. I would prefer a sword or dagger with Attack Speed % + lifesteal. I am still hunting for an upgrade but for now, an axe is doing pretty well.

Ring: Stone of Jordan - With Ray of Frost skill. Get one with at least 6% CC for Ray of Frost as this is the main skill that does the monster slaying.

P.S. Ray of Frost - Sleet storm can hit at 1 million damage per tick with my gears.

Gloves: Frostburn (optional) - Frostburn gloves but this is optional. I ended up using a rare gloves as it gives me more EHP and attack speed.

Highest Viable MP
I ran my build with 1.60 APS and surprisingly, it handles MP 10 pretty well. I will die on and off due to those OP elites with "freeze orb", or arcane fields on my feet but generally, it performs very well even in MP 10.

If you play in a group, this build will help the whole team vastly due to it's crowd control abilities.

Uber Viability
Yes. It is viable for uber.

I have used this build to run MP 10 uber with my friends and it is performing pretty well. The only uber that will be a problem is siege breaker due to his reflect.

I hope you will enjoy this build as much as I do.

It brings back the lovely memories of the Cold Sorc in Diablo 2.

Edit: Changed title to better reflect the main skill used in the build and fixed a paragraph issue.
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OOoh, I like SOJ type builds.
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When I saw "Frostburn," I thought of OP/IMBA Korean wizard first, not gloves. And I thought, "What makes the build so special? He's just like any well-geared wizard except with higher stats all around."

...Oh. Gloves.
Edited by Jaetch#1861 on 5/31/2013 8:01 AM PDT
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Yeah I have been working on Frostburn build. I also have a Tal Rasha Allegiance adding to cold damage as well... trying for a stone of jordan ... just too broke to get one appropriate.

Once I get more APOC, I will be switching my Ray of Frost to Black Ice (I currently use Cold Blood for lower cost). I tend to build my Wizard without having to be in melee range.

I also currently use Comet instead of Blizzard.

I do like the Slow Time idea which would work very well when I switch to Black Ice as well.
Edited by raideradam#1473 on 5/31/2013 8:06 AM PDT
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I stalsoarted using almost this exact same build last night. Only 2 differencesalso

Ww in place of blizzard for more procs

Fire off a few of them the switch to ss. This helps me at least keeping up the loh and mana full while using ss.

In my case I'll spam 1-4 and switch as needed with mouse clicks as/ww.
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^ poor grammer I apologize. At work and on phone
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@raideradam You don't need Tal Rasha Allegiance with cold damage. The same goes to SOJ. You don't need it to be cold damage.

As far as I know, the elemental damage % is applied to your black weapon damage and then added to your total damage. It doesn't mean that it add % damage to your cold spells. I blame Diablo 3 team for a poor affix description when it comes to added elemental damage of items.

The cold effect on the jewelry does not work for Wizard and Witch Doctor mainly because their skills are mostly elemental based.

The cold spells are already snaring the enemies so having a Cold SOJ does not slow it further. An arcane, fire, lightning, or poison SOJ will just be fine.

@IrishWarrior Yes. Our builds are very similar. I used Blizzard for the assisted freeze on the enemies since my APS is low and I want to use pure cold damage spells so that I can play a cold wizard.

My initial build was using Explosive Blast + Chain Reaction instead of Blizzard. I was doing 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 but I feel that this isn't a true cold wizard.

I wanted a cold wizard (just like Diablo 2) so I switched it out to Blizzard (I love the assisted freeze that Blizzard is providing) instead.

You rely on Magic Weapon for the life steal component while I use a pure life steal weapon and go for Slow Time (time wrap gives extra damage and it is a very useful spell to have when I play in a group of 4. Monsters just melt).

As LOH does not work well in this build because of the proc rate on Sleet Storm, I can understand why you used Wicked Wind for the LOH proc rate.

Use a life steal weapon since APS doesn't really matter much in this build. You get instantly healed to max life.

Try it. You may just love the change. :)
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Tried it. dps droped to 185k, wasnt an issue. have a 6/30 frostburn, and a 6/30/7 RoF soj. My gear just doesnt have enough mit and EHP after I make those changes to survive in mp10 though. my ar droped to ~550 and life down to 33k, so I tried crystalize and had 7.5k armor after 3 stacks. still not enough, was getting pummeled.

The dps is insane though, was fun for a second, but Ill need much better EHP in my other slots to give this a good try. Darn! Need a new wizzy build to kep me motivated!
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@Camisto Yes. The dps from this build is pretty insane. There are a few skills that buff damage for the team so it is a build that can be played in solo or in a team.

I am running this build with 71k life, 3600 armor and 790+ all resist so having more EHP will definitely make it more enjoyable.

If you are an archon wizard, transiting to this build will be a breeze.
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