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Made the switch...DH to monk

Put my DH gear (~300k dps without SA/SS) on my monk, who has 165k paper dps with this gear and a couple cheap weapons i slapped on.

monk is absolutely crushing everything better on MP10 than my DH ever could and survives just as good if not better. (elites for sure, white packs is roughly the same speed give but still prefer monk)

I love my DH, but this just sucks lol,

there's no reason to even play this class tbh, how do you DH vets keep it up lol?

It's sickening to see how terrible eDPS the beloved DH class has... even with the RF buff it's not even CLOSE to my weak paper dps monk's MP10 clearing speed.

and my monks not even good lol. not even paragon 100 nor does it have "good" weapons yet still im blowing through MP10 mobs like a hot knife through butter.

Think i'm gonna stick to monk from now on and just pray one day blizz actually acknowledge's the existence of this DH class...
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Lol! I know what you mean, I'm not a pro or anything, but I just hit 200k DPS unbuffed and went through MP4 for fun, was alright. Then I slapped my extra gear on my monk (who's own gear is pretty budget) that has less than half the paper DPS ... and I was sad. Killed things quicker, didn't have to move or anything, didn't even need to use WoL, just press 1 for SW, hold down left mouse and shift when ever you want to kill something, was pretty much a snooze.
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damn, i 've just switched from barb to DH+WD

this is like cold water splashing on my face

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Both your dh and monk do not have the gear to do mp10 other than maybe Cota runs.
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i put my DH loot on my monk... and i cannot do these run as fast as i do here with DH...


i am admittedly a bad monk... less than 100hours played but still...

most every video i have ever seen comparing monk to DH... the monk kills a vampiric monster in 15 seconds and then the DH kills extrahealth in 25 seconds and they are like... omg DH so bad...

they not realize different affixes yield different monster HP?

i lol...
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06/03/2013 11:16 PMPosted by SkiTz
DH vets keep it up lol

Any lack of mobility in a class puts me to sleep, literally, i fall asleep.
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Yeah...I was a monk...came to DH after the RF buff, and within a week went right back to my Monk. DH are in need of a serious help.

BTW, I have two goldly weapons up for sale. A Calamity and a Manticore.
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06/04/2013 01:40 AMPosted by GodIike
Both your dh and monk do not have the gear to do mp10 other than maybe Cota runs.

lol you cant be serious.. you can join a game with me and ill show you how much a cakewalk MP10 a1 farming is..

dh has 51khp , 400 AR + 300k dps... plenty to farm MP10 granted its not that fast and i still have occasional deaths to bad elite packs

and monk, you can see my gear. yea its nothing special but it farms even faster than my DH on MP10 lol. and i rarely die to anything outside charged up savage beasts
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DH is probably the slowest farming class in the game, but that doesn't mean that they're not fun. I love my DH. I switched from wiz to DH and I hardly play my wiz anymore.
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we are also by far not cheap...

but tbh I don't enjoy playing my monk that much. I played it a lot during the sweeping wind snapshotting and switched to slegde fist. That was fun :)
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I made the same switch as well. The monk handles MP10 so much easier.
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I made the switch to monk. I love the kill speed sure, but for me it is more about group play. As a monk I bring a 48% DPS boost to the party (overawe - monsters take 48% more damage with 20 yards). Plus with Cyclone strike, mobs are always it tight groups (ripe for bombardment, HOTA, Firebats, or CM).

Overawe and cyclone strike are so impressive that running in a farming group that does not have this type of monk is a waste of time.
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I made a switch from monk to dh, and dh just fun to play with. If I could investigate a good bow and a DML, my dh would be as good as my monk.
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Best to play in a group with melee class meatshield or CM Wiz freeze, so that you can get the best out of DPS. Playing solo just throw some slow traps to get everything in a distance and use follows to throw meatshield. Also, the top heroscore/DPS in diabloprogress are almost all dh anyway, so you get some advantage for sure. :)
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i made the switch from monk to dh and im enjoying the dh class alot. dh has a unique play style that i like. and @OP your monk does not melt enemies in mp10 you maybe able to handle mp10 better than you dh but at 170k dps you arent melting enemies like a hot knife cutting through butter.

@griever you bought a CHEAP wkl and thats why its crap. the wkl will out perform many weapons in terms of dps for monks but the ones that do outperform others arent cheap. before i sold my wkl i had a 958dps wkl.
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For me even though for me my monk easily runs mp10 without a problem, I even have a decent WD, and a CM wiz....I always go back to my DH because its just fits my play style. DH just entertains me more than any other class.

If you truly like the playstyle of a DH, you'll end up coming back to it. maybe....lol

GL on the switch
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I just sold all my gear and re-rolled a Wizard.
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i saw a group yesterday... wiz/monk/barb/wd... took them like 3minutes + vs a desecrator/plauged/arcane/horde... LOL wts ranged deeps?
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