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Rate the Barb above

@Aerioz - Nice barb - Think you can do better on the IK chest it's missing a lot of vit. Shoulders could get more str on them too.
Here I go again...

@pensfan080 - nice crafted ammy on your barb.
@ Axelord
interesting choice of mainhand weapon. Ever consider a IK belt that gives you more AR and
+ skill bonuses ?
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Nice gears overall..maybe a better skorn?

Don't like the amulet tho for the low ias but if bp hit.. Oh well.

Hi New to this I just play alone how could i improve my barb any advice appreciated
@ Golfnut


Looks like a good build. I have a Skorn very similar to yours and much prefer dual wielding, Berserker lasts a lot longer on Chaos with dual wielding which is helpful.

I am impressed with your number of kills. I can see you can handle MP10 easily but I'm curious which level you are farming. I have a lot of kills on 10 prefer MP8.

Maybe a better amulet but great build. I don't see many Barbs with tough as nails but it is an absolute winner. Good choice.
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@ Axelord
interesting choice of mainhand weapon. Ever consider a IK belt that gives you more AR and
+ skill bonuses ?

The mainhand I use for both the passive skill bonus and because it has 500..er...480 something life regen and always looking for a better rolled one, but not paying ridiculous gold.
Actually I have looked at using an IK belt. But I would want one with str, vit, life regen, ar, ls, pickup radius, which... well you can't get. I tried one for a bit to test out the skill bonuses and I found them lacking myself. Sure it's a great belt it just doesn't fit with what I am doing with this barb. The IK gloves actually fit better, I can keep my life regen, and increase my damage and get more AR, now when I find a pair someone doesn't want 500 million for, I'll get them, until then I don't need them.
@ AxeLord

7.5 I like some of the creativity in your choices but there are cost neutral alternatives to yield much higher stats.

Edit: I realized you just explained yourself, apologize for reading after the fact!
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@ Ghostpos

I don't think you are doing enough damage for Brawler. Have a look at my build instead of into the fray try marauder that will increase your damage. Hard as nails is good for defence even with the armour and AR I have and generate fury with wind shear instead of into the fray.

Give it a go. It may or may not work. Every build is different but I think your survivability will improve.

With the Skorn your Berserker will not last as long as dual wielding to thrive on chaos will not be as good as insanity for your build. I ran a Skorn for a while and Berserker didn't extend long enough to be using thrive on Chaos.
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9/10 very nice gear be pretty costly to upgrade
07/30/2013 06:18 AMPosted by Shadow
9/10 very nice gear be pretty costly to upgrade

Overall pretty good 8/10

Edit:On phone, plugged you into D3rawr. Keep rolling Ammy's/gloves if you can pick up 9%AS on both you can drop IAS on a piece and maintain your breakpoint, possibly a nice IK helm?
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@uber 6/10
rate me


Sick shoudler and EF!

Maybe better ice climber?


Sick shoudler and EF!

Maybe better ice climber?


Sick amulet, wish I had that kind of luck with crafts.
but 78k life...i made over 5k ammys - this amulet is "the best"

EDIT: and i think, shoulders are the best
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@Bochnikchleb -- 10/10 Puts my Barb to shame.
@pain, try to pump ur barb MS to at lease 12% if not ur farming isnt efficient unuf, then get rid of Life on hit weapon and switch to life steal weapon , other than that try to craft more amulet i saw ur current ammy is very poor sorry to say that , good luck !

9.8/10 nice Barb dude
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