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Rate the Barb above

10/10 would read profile again

Pretty solid looking Barb. Nice roll on the Axe, did you craft that?
8.5 / 10, the only reason it's not 9/10 is the fear chance on the EF.
Good Job on the gearing
fortytwo #1477 Yeppers sure did craft it have not played for about 3 months now but will get back into it and up grade the main hand Mempo and gems.. I don,t mind the fear to much
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Rate me.
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07/30/2013 05:19 PMPosted by fortytwo
Rate me.

If you want someone to rate you, maybe you should remove your Battle Rage and Scoundrel buff first.

Lol this is the first time I had such a comment throw at me. Interesting...
May I ask..do u rate the barb on it's displayed dps or u rate it on it's gear setup?

Ps - are u implying I beefed up my DISPLAYED paper dps to get my usual 9/10? Lol

Awesome barb dude 9/10.

nice barb 9/10


Pretty noob barb, so probably wouldnt be the best to rate you as I'd be prone to give you good review, maybe the next person will critque both of us :)
06/06/2013 12:13 AMPosted by mBros12
@angryteen#6642 7/10 please get a new IK chest and a soj

Nice looking barb! At this point you have some nice high end gear and could upgrade a few of the pieces.

I'd really like to see the Bloodthirst passive come off. If you need the IK bonus, maybe switch out the WH for an IK belt. Then you could drop the passive and boost your ehps a ton. Then you could craft better DPS gloves too.

It may be a shock to drop the WH at first, but the dps works out in the end :)
lol I missed a few pages..


Pretty noob barb, so probably wouldnt be the best to rate you as I'd be prone to give you good review, maybe the next person will critque both of us :)

Yeah, still a new barb. There is a lot you can upgrade here. I think you still need to decide how headstrong you want to go into the build because nearly everything can be upgraded.



Pretty beastly barb you have there too. Why the arch shoulders of str ? Craft some vit ones and get the life boost, then put a str gem in those theos - or try your luck crafting better ones :)
@Flignats - love your build and gear, a rare sword/board Barb so I am particularly interested in your feedback on how to gear up past my current DPS. I logged wearing a crappy hellfire for EXP but my base DPS unbuffed is 135k
no idea about shield builds, gear looks good.

rate me?
no idea about shield builds, gear looks good.

rate me?

AR seems a bit low but overall a good barb. If you can pick up 8-9% AS on your ammy you can use the enchantress to hit the 1.82 breakpoint without dropping your diggers or soj, which I guess might not be advice but it's fun!! I was toying with a few setups like yours but I really dig the next breakpoint.

Whoever rates me.... I had battle rage up when I logged out, sue me :p
280k with passives, no battle rage.

Nothing much to say. More hp I guess? And a cc mempo if you have the funds. Other than that 9/10 for your Skorn barb.
guys im sitting at 482 AR should i upgrade my lacuni with another that has AR? i can do mp10 with my friend barb but u think dropping 500m on a AR + CC lacuni worth it or am i cool? Help plz or should i grab something else

Nice barb, 7 out of 10. Love all the crafted items. Unfortunately I missed that course and have to wait until next semester when they offer it again. If you feel the need to improve start at the top. Get a Mempo with CC. Your crafted bracers are ok but you need to pursue this further. Curious, do you really have a Fury issue? Try going back to Bash-Punish and see how it goes.


I hate when somebody gets skipped.
pretty nice sir truck
@Sirtruck Your missing out on strength big time maybe time to craft some ammy and get a soj. U also have 48 MS man lol after u craft some nice ammy nxt is gg bracers.
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