Diablo® III

Rate the Barb above

I would get a bit more vit. (I am aiming for 65 to give a damage buffer)

Do you use an SoJ? Would help with elites



More vit 8/10

well setup barb
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Nice ik chest. 8.5/10

what can i say to a barb with teeming!! GJ for not using 2 non LS weapons like most of the glass cannons at the top and great EHP. 10/10!

Very nice looking barb! cant really see anywhere to upgrade except maybe going for a lifesteal skorn to free up a passive. Sorry I'm very new to barb so can't offer much more! 10/10
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skills are right for pure WW. Your dps is good for low gear. Your AR is pretty solid too. Focus on raising the Hp.

If pure WW get a dagger.

overall get more CC/AS/CD.

Focus on you ehp.....gl

9/10. Beastly set worthy of a king. Great dps and ehp. Could always get more str or cd on a few pieces but just nitpicking at this point.
@damnation - Great gear. 9/10 - Only thing missing is movement speed on boots but with gear like that o'well!! Def jealous of your helm and SoJ.
@AXEINGAR Consider better rings and upgrade gems- headed in the right direction
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@AXEINGAR Consider better rings and upgrade gems- headed in the right direction

@lucario seem quite balanced i'd look into a better neck tho more cc

Nice SOJ and dagger
Lovely attack speed.
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I can't give u a #/10, because that can't be your normal gear! LOL
Anyway, very nice crafted shoulders and bracers! :)
@CoCo - Good barb. 8/10

Awesome barb! (Looks expensive :-P)

Kudos for being so well balanced at 358,632.88 DPS / 890,993.88 EHP.

Good job, Mr Funke :-)
the only thing i would change is try to get some more defense on your chest armor. other than that looks good!

7.5/10 Solid barb. Don't know much about weapon throw builds, but your ammy looks like it could use some STR or avg damage roll if you can craft one. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a better Lamentation with -WT either.
muggly, nice barb. 7.5/10
crit mempho and beter ammy would up the dps but nice balance overall.
solid build 7.5. I use my soj only on 10mp ubers

Sweet set. 8/10 in my opinion. Like the build set as well.
@SpizyDryRub -- 8/10 very nice barb! Time for you too start crafting.

8.5. Nice spinner.
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