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Rate the Barb above

07/16/2013 03:41 PMPosted by WOOSHOO
alright... let's see where I stand.. can I atleast get better than a 1?? lol

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rate me pls
should I drop skorn to dual wield?

Rating someone above you will wield better results.

07/16/2013 03:41 PMPosted by WOOSHOO
alright... let's see where I stand.. can I atleast get better than a 1?? lol

Rating someone above you will wield better results.
@Ruza I will say u have a good starter set. U know how to gear barb properly and all u need is the same stats but HIGHER. I'd suggest u get VIT inna pants. Also you don't need the exp for hellfire grab a soj. Your build is pure WW so go for DW for higher ticks.

@Apophis what I suggest is get LS or CD EF then switch to higher AVG AXE/MACE MH and craft more str shoulders if u want more str but urs is pretty balanced. 7/10
@ RagingKoala

ok, ok **removes hands from the cookie jar**

I'm probably the LAST person whose opinion here would matter, but here goes...

I like that you went w/a shield.. a good defense to me is key. Your main weapon is pretty epic.
IMO, I'd drop the Lacuni Bracers, and craft a set. Over all, I'd look to add more resistance, and crit damage.

nice build tho, man

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07/16/2013 03:51 PMPosted by FrankiLLaH

Well I def need an axe MH, cause I have 45% Ias on gear (5 slots of 9%) and a 1.45 EF. So I just barely get the 2.86 BP on my MH. And I don't wanna tweak gear and attack speed just for a mace.

In the process of crafting shoulders / gloves / amulet atm,have been unlucky and just a shortage of DE's atm.

~~~~~~SKIP ~~~~~~
@mBros12 very nice and appears to be an efficient killing machine. Love the inna's pants. The EF is just soooo nice too. Good work
@ Enigmaque

Maybe find an upgrade for your rings with more primary stats or avg dmg. You can afford to lose
some AR.
@ Ghengis

Nice build. Like the Skorn!


Let's see if I get skipped by again.
@Badco 7/10 not bad. ehp is a little low, I think a nice pair of ms iceclimbers will do wonders for you.
@Morgue ... not much can be said ... its a 10 for me

solid barb bro, NO DUPE?? so i give u 9.8/10


nice barb, 8/10

Exceptional barb. Only recommendation would be to craft vit shoulders, not that you need them but it could provide a nice upgrade for less than billions. 9.9/10

thanks bro

try change WC with Rend coz your barb have enough AR. btw, that is very nice dagger (9.8/10)

nice barb, 9/10

very nice gear... I can just repeat bloodyzbub... vit shoulders. maybe AR on WH and a quintfecta ring with socket or AR if you dont want to lose it or replaced it with AR on WH could boost your dps.
Breakpoint wise you are already at the sweet spot. Additionally very nice EHP.

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Very nice set up, maybe try crafting some similar shoulders with all res, thats all I can think of now.

Looking good so far! :) As always... max gems=max results. That might be a way to burn that hard earned gold while waiting for that next uber item. Good job and enjoy!

cool build :) nice sickle <3

i like your max gems = max results comment :D
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9.5/10 Maybe try a high trifecta ammy with STR/VIT? gl :P

Very very nice barb. 9/10
Possibly craft some gloves or shoulders or better ammy?
Steiph beat me to it while i was inspecting/typing.


Innas and IC's could be much better. Also, only one piece of movespeed for a nado build? Usually see most spinny barbs use two.
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Nice 8/9

Not much to say
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