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Leading Mobs into town has to STOP!

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Um, why not just put an invisible wall by the gate to the overlook road (the gate you defend at the very beginning of the game) that can't be traversed by monsters. Do the same for the end of the little pathway leading to the keeps level 1. Both of these places have soldiers guarding them who could hold back a few risens or demon troopers. Problem solved. This would probably take less coding than creating a whole new zone transition like they did for the weeping hollow exit. Although I believe we don't need to see any more nerfs, this is an issue. You should be safe in town.
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put guards on both ends of town, gates open/close when players go thru, and followers make themselves useful in town and actually interact.

if this was done right, blizz can just remove the bridge portals.
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you cant make the guards powerful, then someone will use that to their advantage. lead the mp10 zombies to the gate and gain exp.
if you put a portal between, then the game flow will be slow down.
if you open and close gate, what happen i stand where the gate is to let the zombies in.
there's no easy fix. the town should be safe, but also AFK in a public game is also not fair to other play.
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I can't believe I'm saying this but...

Quit bashing on Grim. He's the only one who even responds to any issues at all and not just fluff threads. He said he'll pass it on, that's all he can do.

You've seen the arrogance of the higher ups at Blizz, you think he can demand they fix something right now? Or that he's even allowed to speak on topics until *they've* decided what to do 100% and have announced it?

I mean, I get why people rag on blues who only post in, "We should be able to eat pancakes in game!" or, "Which demon would make the best air hockey player?" threads, but really, what do you want from the guy? lol

There's not much he can do besides say he'll pass it on and give assurance that he's at least heard your concerns. If it isn't fixed, and we don't get a guarantee it'll be fixed, complain to the people deciding what's a priority.
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didn´t read the whole thread, but someone must have talked about what i´m about to say as i find so many things wrong in the OP

- you joined a public game of Hardcore, always be suspicious, specially with a high lvl paragon, for some people killing others is the fun in Hardcore

- you went afk, disturbing the game, making enemies harder and not helping, i get it may have been an emergency, but even so...

- you say there has to be a way of investigating: investigate what? you think the person(s) who did it should be banned? did they use any hack, abused game mechanics or whatever?

- you have 4 lvl 60 characters including 2 hardcores, one of which is a 98 paragon and you didn´t know you can lead mobs into town? oh, please

im sorry man, i know it must have been though, only lost a few HC that wasn´t lvl 60 and i felt bad, and i agree with others when they say that if you join a game and the mobs are filled with enemies that kill you before you load, it´s really an issue with the game, so if your point with this thread was solely to stop leading mobs into town, i agree, but if you want to either get your hero back or get the guy who did it report/banned, i don´t see this happening
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Blizzard secretly send out assassin when a player is away.
Even if you are in town, you are not safe. These special mobs can teleport into the town as well.
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Why would you go AFK in an area where you know the possibility exists that someone causes your death, especially where there is a safe haven literally one door away?

Admittedly, this doesn't address people amassing baddies at a portal location or other devious tricks (which are part of the HC experience), but it seems foolish to demand a fix for something you can avoid so easily.
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OP blizzard said they fixed this already and we all know big blue is perfect so I don't believe you.

Also how dumb do you have to be to play HC online only. I usually look for HC guys that died due to lag so I can make fun of them. Your story seems a little more sad.

HC is for the consoles only. They reserved offline mode for consoles to sell more copies.

you mean you laugh cause you can't play hardcore and you had to buy all of your gear?
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thanks to op, i didnt' know about this exploit
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I agree that AFK during a game is bad and if OP did that, he deserves to be PK'ed.
But he said that the game is over/cleared so then he AFK which I have sympathy of the situation. This is a lesson learned for OP or anyone reading the thread.
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that sucks man sorry
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06/09/2013 07:23 AMPosted by Jonzar
What happened to the code from Diablo 2 that prevented mobs from coming into town and disabling damage in town?
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Um...just press the escape key when leaving.
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We all know that playing public games in Hardcore can be risky (any time you involve other people, that becomes the case), and I hope everyone is being extra careful when they do.

@CodSack As a fellow Hardcore player who’s lost a few high-level characters, I’m really sorry this happened to you. We all know that it’s likely that we’ll eventually die in Hardcore (sometimes due to circumstances we can’t even control), and that it’s permanent when it happens, but it doesn’t change the fact that losing a hero can be pretty hard. I can only imagine how frustrating this was for you, but I hope it doesn’t dampen your spirits too much or turn you away from the Hardcore community. Generally, it’s full of awesome people who genuinely love the play style, and only want to help out their fellow Nephalem. I hope this has primarily been your experience too.

I know you’re concerned with ensuring this kind of situation doesn’t happen again (to you or to other players), so I want to let you know that we’re passing along the feedback from this thread to the appropriate people who can evaluate it and decide what to do. Along those lines, it’s also helpful to report this kind of behavior whenever you see it using the right click > Report option, so that our Customer Support staff can investigate the situation itself and anyone involved. Unless we receive a report, we can’t really look into the issue and/or see if there’s any way that we can assist.

Oh there's a very easy fix here. The devs instanced one end of the town. Do it to the other and the problem goes away. An extra click of "inconvenience" entering/leaving the town on two quests vs. preserving characters and preventing jerks from ruining others' enjoyment of the game...this one's a no-brainer.
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OR how about when you spawn a quest higher than 4, no monsters spawn on that side of the map. Technically you've cleared them already.
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I'm new to HC, but couldn't they just make town immune to damage and give a 5 second immunity when porting to a way point or player in HC? Doesn't really seem like a hard thing to fix.
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Back in D2, when players are trying hard to reach level 99, and its really really hard, bastards would lure hard hitting bosses onto waypoints to KILL players and loose some EXP. (Death = exp penalty).

Most popular of the boses was Hephasto (who usually spawn as ExtraStrong, Fast, Multi-Shot, Curse). He can 1-hit kill a fully geared Barbarian easy needless to say other classes.

Now this is also happening to D3 Act1... Lovely!
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Can you post link of these videos?
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it's funny reading HC players acting like anything is a GO because it's hardcore mode. We are talking about the ability to kill a player at the spawn point when first entering the game.
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